Metamorphis Unlimited

CIO Vendor Today, business owners and corporate executives might agree to the fact that Human Resources (HR) is an important function, but it also involves a lot of cost. However, for most of these businesses it is not their expertise or their core function which directly helps them generate sales and revenue. In today’s time of uncertainty, it is essential that businesses focus their attention and resources on their core business functions. However, amongst all the important things, HR function cannot be ignored as it is crucial to keep the workforce motivated, help drive company culture and fill the talent gaps in the organization in order to leave a positive impact on growth and revenue.

With numerous things topping a company’s priority list, companies often find it hard to cater to the needs of each and every employee and employer, which is where HR consultants play a major role. A Senior HR thought leader and Business Leader with extensive experience in HR, Sales and Business leadership, Ajay Bakshi was quick enough to realize the challenges that numerous firms across India faced when it comes to handling their HR operations. Having contributed over nine years as a CXO in the capacity of the Board Director and HR Director for various MNCs’ and large Indian corporations, Ajay was quick enough to cash on the opportunity at hand. With a vision to bridge the gaps, in 2016, Ajay Bakshi established Metamorphosis Unlimited, a firm which aspires to build sustainable organization capabilities by harnessing the potential of Talent Capital through engagement, enablement and design /deployment of a business cantered HR strategy.

“Owing to my experience as CHRO and board director across various multinational and large Indian corporate, I have first-hand experience of the challenges that the companies go-through. This is when I realized the need of an opportunity that the companies could use to help drive various organizational transformation initiatives as well as good quality HR initiatives at the same time. With limited choices, most companies had to eventually head to bigger brand names that had extremely high pricing and the quality did not meet the requirement of businesses of all sizes.

Determined to overcome these stumbling blocks, I started reaching out to people with strong corporate experience, and eventually, this was not just about the academic knowledge but it was more about on the job practical experience which they bought to the table. This was an opportunity where one could leverage this pool of experienced consultants to give value to organizations whether they are multinational corporate or a family run business or large Indian corporate or even the government sectors. Hence, with the right set of people, we can deploy the right person for the right requirement, and this is what we at Metamorphosis Unlimited are renowned for”, shares Ajay Bakshi, Managing Director and Founder, Metamorphosis Unlimited.

Thriving on the Pillars of Experience and Expertise
There are numerous advantages of hiring an outside consultant, the most important of which includes having a positive impact on the company's bottom line. Today’s market is mostly being driven by the unorganized sector which includes individual consultants who have a good network or rather they leverage the network to deliver assignments. With bigger players failing to address the SME sector’s challenges, Metamorphosis Unlimited sees this as an opportunity. A Strategic HR and Talent advisory consulting firm, it comprises of 10 Senior Advisors/ Associates from India and Europe who have held senior positions in large organizations in Manufacturing, IT & ITes, Hotel Industry, Media, Telecom & the Indian Armed Forces in the capacity of CEO’s, Board Directors, VP-Finance, COO’s, HR Directors and Strategy Consultants and a Retired Lt General from the Armed Forces.

With its strong team of experts Metamorphosis Unlimited is celebrated for offering end-to-end services which includes design/deliver strategic and tactical HR roadmaps/ interventions in the areas of Organization Design, Change and Culture transformation programs, Leadership development, Top Talent Management, Business Transformation and turn around projects, Senior level Recruitment, Employee engagement and Wellness programmes, HR capability building programmes for existing team and Executive Coaching, Performance Management System design and deployment, Pscyhometric Assessments, Assessment Centre design and deployment.

“We have various verticals in our consulting and advisory practice. One of these includes board level advisory practice where we advise boards of large corporate as well as family run businesses on various areas like organization development, organization restructuring, change management, succession planning, and performance management. In addition, we also advise boards on creating governance models which serves as model for the executive committees or management committees of business. Additionally, at Metamorphosis Unlimited, we also provide executive coaching where we
provide leadership, change management, organization, transformation, creating high performing teams, CEOs, CXOs, emerging Leaders for large agencies”, says Ajay.

Metamorphosis Unlimited also assists towards succession planning for family run businesses and large corporate through one-on-one coaching and mentoring using individual development plans which balance on the job assignments, executive coaching and formal trainings. The firm also emphasizes on Leadership Development which develops high performing teams, influencing and inspiring teams, creating a talent pipeline while driving a high performance culture and creating HR systems and processes at organizations. Last but not the least, Metamorphosis Unlimited also conducts HR audits while contributing towards productivity and efficiency improvement when recruiting for mid-level and senior-level executives.

Walking Hand-in-Hand towards Client’s Success
Metamorphosis Unlimited has worked with 75 plus clients, over the last four years that includes SMEs, MNCs, large Indian corporate and Government of India undertakings. Some of the major clients that have benefitted by the unique offerings of Metamorphosis Unlimited include Hinduja Global Services, Volkswagen IT services, AEGON, JSW limited, Tamil Nadu Water Investment Company Limited (a joint venture of the Government of Tamil Nadu and ILFS), Tata Motors, Tata Template, Mahindra, KANTAR and numerous SMEs like Lavino Kapoor Cotton's Private Limited, Napino Auto, Delta Magnets, Sleepwalkers India Private Limited, ESDS India Private, Thiredware and more.

Metamorphosis Unlimited has worked with 75 plus clients, over the last four years that includes SMEs, MNCs, large Indian corporate and Government of India undertakings

Highlighting on the services imparted to the clients, Ajay mentions, “I have created an organization structure for 100 percent exportoriented unit, incorporated governance frameworks which has layers of control, optimized workforce by creating a blend of permanent and contractual workers, defined governance model and delegation of authority at each level. At Metamorphosis Unlimited, we have also created a performance management culture and objectives which is based on the balanced scorecards and management by objectives.”

Growing at the rate of 300 percent CAGR, Metamorphosis Unlimited has been growing at a year-on-year basis of about 35 to 75 percent while it has been adding more than 10 odd clients on a yearly basis Starting

Ajay believes in the concept of ‘Don't Unnecessarily Recreate when there are Options Available’. The firm prefers aiding technology in synergize with its offerings, hence, Metamorphosis Unlimited has partnered with US-based firms for HR analytics and an Indian market research firm which holds a global presence. While Metamorphosis is synonym to a team of expert professionals, the firm keeps the partners and associates of Metamorphosis Unlimited updated about the latest tech-adoptions through communication, regular dialogue and regular reviews on technology trends, while the individuals also do a lot of self reading. “I won't say employees again, I prefer saying our partners and associates. I think for us now you can delete employees, because we don't believe in the concept of employees, we call all our colleagues as partners and associates”, adds Ajay.

Marching Ahead
Growing at the rate of 300 percent CAGR, on EBITDA, Metamorphosis Unlimited has been growing at a year-on-year basis of about 35 to 75 percent while it has been adding more than 10 odd clients on a yearly basis. Starting with eight, today, four years past inception, Metamorphosis Unlimited has successfully served over 75 clients till date and the firm has been adding anywhere between 10 to 25 clients year on year with a client retention ratio of 95 percent.

With about 80 to 85 percent of its business coming from India and about 15 percent from across the globe, Metamorphosis now aspires to move into a model where 50 percent of its revenue comes globally and 50 percent from India. For that, Metamorphosis Unlimited has partners appointed in London and South Africa while the company will also be bidding for projects in UK, Europe and Africa. “We are looking at partners with similar philosophy, who can work with us across the Middle East and Southeast Asia and can share expertise in our areas of business. This will give us a major boost into the global firm over the next five to 10 years. ‘A global consulting firm which focuses on delivering value and translating value to profitability through people’, that's our motto at Metamorphosis Unlimited. We believe more in delivering the business impact and business value through people and with endless opportunities to cash on, we are positive about conquering larger market landscape in future”, signs off Ajay Bakshi.