Unconventional Crafts and Ideas (UCID): A Full-Fledged Agency Brimming with Branding and Advertising Solutions

CIO Vendor The true definition of marketing has not changed over the years but the landscape of the marketing industry has changed with the advent of the internet. Today, the digital marketing industry is growing at a rate of around 25 to 30 percent in India alone. Word of mouth advertising has changed to digital influencers and the TV commercials are now shortened to 10 seconds. While it is a difficult and challenging task to sell and build a brand on digital platforms, increasing the use of internet amongst users has made it easier for brands to connect with their consumers over digital platforms. Spicing up ideas with unique and extraordinary elements is one of the most important factors in developing a creative advertisement.

Incepted in 2010, by a creative trio of Nilesh Talreja, Nimisha Bhavsar, and Nahid Elavia, further strengthened by a partnership with seasoned marketer Khushnum Ichhapooria Unconventional Crafts and Ideas (UCID), as the name suggests, is all about the ideas. The firm provides fresh and original approaches and strategic solutions to its clients to build brands and add value to businesses by creating communication that is Unconventional yet Impactful. “We are ever-hungry, ever-restless and ever-unsatisfied. We constantly keep on challenging ourselves and those around us. Our craft is to do whatever it takes with whatever our clients have, to turn their challenges into opportunities” says Nilesh Talreja, Founding Partner, UnconventionalCrafts and Ideas (UCID).

UCID is a full-fledged agency offering marketers services across the board which helps clients in achieving targets based on performance campaigns by creating short videos. The company offers a wide range of services such as Email Marketing, Print and Outdoor Marketing, Designing Brand Identity, Packaging Designing, Website Designing, and Environment Designing.
Elucidating about their service quality to clients Nimisha Bhavsar, Founding Partner, UCID quotes, “From creating a model that delivers quality and ensures happy clients, our strategic partnerships and associations have helped us grow our business with every client. We have grown taking others along with us, partnering with different vendors for different solutions enables us to solve our client's challenges holistically.”

The UCID team believes that Creativity is a process. A process of knowing how the consumer will react when an advertisement is presented to them will they understand, accepts and acts upon it. “As the name suggests, Unconventional IDEAS Guaranteed - we offer unconventional ideas to our clients and that makes us stand different from others. This uniqueness and the support received by our clients are the major factors contributing to the success of UCID. We are proud of the team which comprises of the employees from all the ages and walks. Right from the senior management that brings to the table is years of their experience in the advertising industry, to our youthful executives who brings fresh new ideas”, states Nahid Elavia, Founding Partner, UCID.

UCID is a full-fledged agency offering marketers services across the board which helps clients in achieving targets based on performance campaigns by creating short videos

The future of marketing is taking brands closer to its customers. Be it the causes that they undertake to create communication that is educative, inspiring, and entertaining for its audience, the need of the hour is to connect on a more personal context. With an increased demand for video content, UCID has off-late started an In-house Production Unit too that serves to meet the specific requirements of the clients. Introducing them to new execution styles too adds value. UCID has always been an agency with a soul, and social initiatives and projects have always been close to their heart. The company is in the process of initiating a new division that works solely with NGOs and the CSR teams at corporates to bridge the gap between the doers and the recipients, where the corporates can join hands in building a win-win model. Recently, UCID was awarded Gold at the Echo Awards 2019 for being the best business services solution. Silver at the Echo Awards 2018 for Best Use of Emailer Communication – Kotak Bank and DMAI Internal Connect Best Channel Communication Campaign for JSW Steel.