Sharda Space Adviser: Corporate and Client Trusted Real Estate Advisory Firm Offering Affordable and Prolific Real Estate Retailing Solutions

CIO Vendor The retail market has developed rapidly with outcomes justifying the success of the development. This development is still an ongoing process as many concept retailers are intervening in the sector. Keeping its footprint on the ongoing development process, the Indian Government has taken initiatives to improve the retail industry. With these initiatives, the growth projected will multiply the amount of US$ 672 billion in the 2017 fiscal year to US$ 1,200 billion in the 2021 fiscal year (according to the Indian Brand Equity Foundation). Real Estate retailing is one of those markets that is contributing to the growth. Showrooms, retail stores, and retail chains are being developed in large and small centers, in the villages and towns where people are always inquiring about property retailing. Supporting the needs of real estate retailing and augmenting the right facts to the buyers, some real estate consulting firms have been a constant architect for triumphant real estate retails.

Sharda Space Adviser Pvt Ltd is one of the leading real estate retail consulting firms that are engineering solutions for clients coming with real estate market challenges. Located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Sharda Space Adviser serves the clients on real estate challenges related to Retail Space Leasing, Property Management, Joint Ventures, Consultancy and Research, Corporate Space Leasing, Legal Advice and Documentation and arranging Investments in Rented Properties. “Having served the real estate consulting market for the last 30 years, we have established ourselves as a reputed brand. Sharda Space Adviser was started by my father. I did an MBA and joined the firm in 2003 quitting a secure job to deliver reasonable real estate retail solutions for corporations and clients. Clients come to us as they stay assured of the returns they will be getting or rather the guidance for selecting a property. If we need long term relations with the corporate, we
have to be honest,” says Kalpesh Maheshwari, Director, Sharda Space Adviser.

Sticking to the Work Ethics
Sharda Space Adviser is the premium real estate retail consulting firm offering special commercial industrial services in all the three segments - Business, Residential, and Industrial. The firm has benevolently confronted professional service disputes. “We hire people based on the business model, prepare solutions according to the client requirements, and also provide the property data. We sell franchises of any retail brand and facilitate investments in that company and initiate the franchise. Giving clients legal advice on banking and funding, assisting in securing bank loans is one of our major skills. It's a total teamwork. Every day is different at Sharda Space Adviser,” states Kalpesh. The management and Kalpesh train the team and demonstrate to them how to work in different work cultures. The team learns how to deliver a spontaneous solution in terms of market demands. By following this method, Sharda Space Adviser has been able to draw good results.

In its three-decades run, Sharda Space Adviser has received numerous awards from companies and organizations for providing the best services and being the best channel partner

Sharda Space Adviser has churned out a consistent profit over the last two decades even without any sales targets for its teams. The firm has achieved high growth because of the financial setups, the well-sorted budget and the affirmed attitude with which it works for the market and the clients. In its three-decades run, Sharda Space Adviser has received numerous awards from companies and organizations for providing the best services and being the best channel partner. Over the years, Sharda Space Adviser has worked with 400+ brands like Adani Retail, Bata, Maersk Line, Delsey, Ford, Uber Technologies, Apollo Pharmacy, ICICI Bank Home Loans, Aditya Birla, Edelweiss, CCD, GATI, Karur Vysya Bank, OYO, HDFC Life, L&T Finance, HCL, Vision Eye, Big Basket, SFW Gym chain and many others. Following the hub and spoke model of physical growth, Sharda Space Adviser is looking forward to launching 25 functional offices in the next two years across PAN India locations.