The Thirsty Crow Marketing Services: Scaling New Heights with Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solutions

CIO Vendor The advent of digital marketing has been disrupting traditional marketing extensively across the globe. The unparalleled scope and the extensive reach of digital marketing have made many companies lean towards it. In India too, companies are gradually but most certainly waking up to the fact that digital marketing is a very cost-effective method to get their message out there and build a strong customer base. If it is done right, you can achieve a whole lot on a limited budget, which also levels the field between big and small companies. When most of the marketing agencies are more of a commodity where they provide a certain extent of services like lead generation, audience acquisition, and event management, The Thirsty Crow Marketing Services is a rare breed that really steps in for its clients and understands their requirements to provide optimized solutions.

With the industry booming and various companies mushrooming to offer digital marketing solutions, The Thirsty Crow Marketing Services has taken on unique policies to differentiate themselves from the others. “What sets us apart in an industry mushrooming with marketing agencies is our expertise in providing end-to-end marketing solutions right from identifying a prospect all the way to closing the deal. Our objective is to ensure that the client succeeds in today’s market. Where there is a multitude of options to choose from, gaining customer’s trust and confidence is our top priority. We believe in delivering 200 percent to the client and we ensure that we listen to the client carefully and understand their pain points. This commitment to
our customers is what brings them back to us”, avers Sameer Prasad, Founder, The Thirsty Crow Marketing Services.

Operating in a highly competitive niche market, The Thirsty Crow Marketing Services had to start from ground zero. To start with, the company mostly operated from their houses and coffee shops during the early days but what they lacked in resources they made it up with their sheer persistence and desire. “We believe that one has to be driven by a passion to pursue a dream and this passion is what helped us to grow and develop. We are a one-stop-shop for every business’s marketing needs. Our services range from Digital Marketing to Social Media Marketing, also including Event Management, Brand Activation, Content Marketing, and Creatives and Lead Generation. Today, we are focused on providing end-to-end marketing services for IT companies to cement our position in the market”, says, Balvinder Singh, Founder, The Thirsty Crow Marketing Services. While most of their competitors don’t factor in the client-side of marketing, Thirsty Crow aligns their services with their clients’ goals and even follow up their services all the way to the closure and gives optimal suggestions and initiatives to their clients.

Thirsty Crow fable makes it a point to think out-of-the-box and provide solutions that are differently strategized and executed

As per the Thirsty Crow fable, the company makes it a point to think out-of-the-box and provide solutions that are differently strategized and executed. Thirsty Crow has worked with a number of clients who are into emerging technologies such as AI, ChatBot, AR/VR and RPA areas. This has given the company a new idea to integrate these technologies in their day to day operations to improve the quality of their services. Thirsty Crow’s unrivalled business understanding and technological know-how have helped the company to make the life of their clients simple. Attributing their growth to their impeccable understanding of how a business works, Thirsty Crow is planning to invest in certain areas of marketing automation services and developing their own proprietary digital marketing tools and solutions.