Qwertech: Ensuring Optimum Brand Development with Unique Digital Marketing Strategies

CIO Vendor India is smoothly transitioning towards an internet-enabled digitized world where a single click or touch can bring revolutionary outcomes. Availing the opportunities bestowed by the enormous hype of the internet, people are now resorting to automating their business by recognizing their various software requirements. The power of digital marketing allows geophysical barriers to disappear making all the consumers on the earth as potential customers and suppliers. As a result of this, a majority of the companies are now allocating significant budget for investment in the digital space to ensure brand visibility in the digital arena. However, there still exists a huge demand and supply gap for digital marketing professionals in India which was promptly noticed by Vikram Chouhan and Kutbuddin Laila while pursuing BSc in Computer Science, in London. Encountering a huge difference in work culture, work environment, and technology that existed in India while working on projects for the NHS England and Microsoft, they decided to return India to make a difference in the software and Digital world back here. This led to the establishment of Qwertech which aims at bringing new and significant differences in the work culture that is not visible in the regular agencies.

Facing numerous challenges such as financial constraints, lack of suitable talents, and tough competition from the co-players of the industry, Qwertech emerged out more efficient, experienced and strong-headed every time by learning from the tight situations. Offering services related to Digital Marketing, SEO, Google AdWords, Web Development, Wordpress Websites, Brand Development, Logo Design, and Application Development, Qwertech caters services as per the client’s demand. “The one thing that sets us apart from our competitors is that we are a ‘One Stop Solution Provider’ for your brand. From a start-up to an established company, we deliver to their requirements with effectiveness and efficiency as all our services are under one roof,” shares Kutbuddin Laila, Co-Founder, Qwertech.

Qwertech follows the 4As of marketing which are Analysis, Aims, Assets, and Awareness while building a company’s digital strategy. By delivering services related to website, social media, digital marketing, brand development, logo
and collateral designs, offline campaigns, influencer campaigns and much more, Qwertech ensures the optimum highlight and brand promotion of its client from the very scratch. From understanding the requirements of the clients, taking their suggestions and references into account, to suggesting ideas for implementation and better promotion, the firm assists the clients in every possible way. Owing to its impeccable range of services, the company has bagged many esteemed names from the Real Estate arena, FMCG, Retail, Hospitality, B2B and Corporate, Education, Technology, and Jewellery sector.

Qwertech owes much of its success to its members of the IT and Digital Marketing department who strive to build some of the most creative websites and plan unique campaigns leading to brand development for most of the clients. The company also appreciates the support of the clients who act as a pillar of support and have played a major role in uplifting the position of the company in the industry in such a short span.

Qwertech follows the 4As of marketing which are Analysis, Aims, Assets, and Awareness while building a company’s digital strategy

Highlighting the future voyage of the firm, Kutbuddin quotes, “Our first agenda is to have more branches of Qwertech all over India before making it international. We have a few product ideas in the digital and software space which we are going to introduce soon. We are also trying to convince international brands to outsource their software and digital marketing requirements to agencies like ours, in India. Parallel to all these plans, we are working towards bringing back our knowledge of Artificial Intelligence from our time in London to help companies grow with AI and Machine Learning.”