Piyali Bhattacharjee: A Torch - Bearer for Women Entrepreneurs Redefining the Regime of Indian Consultancy Industry

CIO Vendor Quite an exigent domain, consulting has been mush rooming on various aspects of business and the market is huge. However, significantly a male dominated area, the consultancy industry lately has been witnessing and welcoming the arrival of feminine leaders. Embracing the challenges offered by the tough yet rewarding consultancy domain, women entrepreneurs are seizing every opportunity to prove their equal worth to their men counterparts. Witnessing the major gaps in the industry in accordance with accountability and ownership, Piyali Bhattacharjee was determined to bring the desired changes into effect that she witnessed while working as a Business Partner HR. An adept HR Professional serving the startups and larger conglomerates, Piyali recognized the need for one-stop HR solutions while interacting with different vendors in her working tenure. A determined and confident lady with abundant talent and hand-on experience on Human Re-sources, Piyali Bhattacharjee refused to be a mute spectator and promptly established Zizique Management Consultants (ZMC)in 2017 to address the concerned gaps of the consultancy industry.

The journey was not smooth sail, but holding a prolific working experience in Human Capital Management processes with multinational firms, Piyali Bhattacharjee worked continuously to create her unique identity in a male dominated industry. Thinking about the early days of inception of ZMC, Piyali reflects, "As we started out of a virtual space, we did not have a dedicated office. This somehow impacted the credibility of the company. We were a small boutique consulting who were trying to provide solutions in complex HR problems, usually provided by the Top 10 consulting of the world. We were just one amongst the hundreds of HR Consultants in Bangalore. So, what differentiated us was very difficult to explain and make people believe. Even I was personally judged a lot of times of being a young
married woman who would be in family way and leave everything at the mercy of being pregnant. However, we acquired small clients, ensured our deliverables are on time and gave solutions that are practical and not just theoretical. Our work became our testimony slowly. We acquired out first client within 1 month of Inception and in a span of 6 months we got 8 clients"

An adept HR professional serving the starups and larger conglomerates, piyali recognized the need for one stop HR solutions while interacting with Different vendors in her working tenure

Now, a celebrated new edge consulting firm Zizique Management Consultants assists and advises the clients by arraying best in class agile solutions enhancing the overall competency, character, and communication within the organization. One of the very few organizations that outsources the whole HR function starting right from hiring to exit including payroll management, ZMC outsource the whole HR function working as business partners and not just consultants. Believing strongly that one size does not fit all and in the consultancy business, a specific framework cannot be used to solve multiple issues, ZMC works on two models, HR Managed Services and HR Taskforce. In HR managed services ZMC outsources the whole HR function and runs it like an internal HR with optimized cost. As an HR taskforce, the company undertakes specific projects on talent management, capability building and deploy it in the organization.

The major challenge faced by women entrepreneurs is that they have to maintain a true work life balance. Consulting being a dynamic field, they usually have to be extremely planned and manage their time well to ensure that their colleagues or partners deliver the best of services. Piyali Bhattacharjee faced all these challenges but refused to succumb to the hardships offered throughout the journey. "As we grow, we look forward to deploying technology that would capture the productivity of an organization and link it to overall business goals. In the next couple of years, we would want to be the Partner of Choice for all HR outsourcing for startups and mid sized companies. We look forth for ZMC as a technology driven HR consulting with practical people solutions", concludes Piyali.