Survival Strategies that Companies Can Use during Uncertain Times

By Tanuja A Akkannavar Thursday, 21 January 2021

This is definitely a difficult time for a local business to develop, as the coronavirus undoubtedly has forced them to make substantial adjustments to the regular working conditions. Natural disasters, global wars, market collapses, COVID-19 pandemics and several other possible problems are infrequent waits. And although planning for the survival of these crises is vital, future-oriented companies are often prepared to see disruptions as opportunities to boost their place in business and productivity through the gain of uncertainty.

Following are some of the survival strategies that companies can implement during uncertain times:

1. Focus on Marketing –
Ways of marketing a product or services have evolved, and also the aspect ‘marketing’ has turned out as a key element for every business’s growth. For instance, the companies providing software business has re-tooled its distribution points to stabilization, resiliency, and cost savings with growth in digital marketing and technical innovation.

2. Connect with the Customers –
Will you ever want to connect directly to your customers online and try to figure out what keeps them from buying you products and services. You can get messages from customers through Facebook, Twitter, telephone and the website, a company should connect with their customers through these platforms and when a company tries to solve their customer’s problems through these digital tools. Such customers will always remain loyal towards the companies who try to connect with them, hear their problems and provide an effective solution.

3. Review Expenses –
Make sure the pricing strategy is adequately flexible to cope with any economic changes. Identify the company's excessive costs while having adequate marketing costs.

4. Develop a Strong Business Strategy –
A strategic approach focused on analysis, preparation and capability will often help in resolving any kind of disruption. Most companies do not have a structured approach in designing strategies that suit various management styles, business conditions and adjustable markets. Define the particular activities you prioritize at uncertain times and stages of the marketing process and the businesses who do not lose focus of their long term vision can thrive in times of disruption.

5. Update CRM System –
Check that you review and periodically upgrade your internal processes to ensure that the company can master the core activities of your business. The quality control of the products must be maintained as usual and make sure your CRM system is up to date and improve the chances of maintaining relationships with your key customers.

6. Identify Right Business Outcome –
It is a must for companies to be able to take advantage of emerging developments in the industry and be ready to target their business activities in an effective manner before the competition. You need to build systems, tools and procedures to make innovation a vital part of your organization in order to be always ready and always ahead of your competition and businesses that are ready for future scenarios always get better results.

7. Manage the Time –
It is important to decide whether you and your team invest the time in order to ensure that everyone is dedicated to the development of a company and superior customer service. Therefore, always be mindful of and work with your organization and tasks and obligations. With the above-stated points in mind, I think it is possible, regardless of the type of uncertainty, to grow your company in times of uncertainty.

During the uncertain times, nobody really knows what the global economy and companies need. But understanding the evolving dynamics and the concepts of marketing ensures that businesses can adapt, prosper and expand quickly.

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