Benefits of Adopting Experiential Marketing Strategy

By Sthitaprajnya Panigrahi Wednesday, 16 December 2020

With the penetration of the internet, the world is envisaging the surging of digitization and its advantages which is compelling all most all the industries to explore its digital distinctiveness. The marketing domain is also expanding its territory across digital platforms, websites, OTT platforms, and more to acquire the attention of the customers. However, one trend which is still considered as a unique marketing technique owing to its distinctive features and popularity amongst the consumers is Experiential Marketing Strategy. Ensuring a real-time experience for the consumers, experiential marketing strategy takes place in the physical world and outside the boundaries of a computer screen, offering boundless room for ingenuity.

Focusing on the benefits of adopting an experiential marketing strategy, this article highlights the advantages of experiential marketing and underlines its uniqueness in promoting creativity.

  • Unique from the Traditional Advertising Techniques: In a crowded market where there are numerous brands trying to mark their presence, experiential marketing can certainly set your brand apart. It is quite distinct from ordinary marketing strategies which are effective for grabbing people’s attention seamlessly. Almost every brand is currently engaging in digital marketing, while only a few brands opt to do experiential marketing. This unique approach to highlight their brand among others not only positions their brand as creative, and edgy but certainly attracts more customers which is the major goal of marketing.
  • Easy to Attract the Attention of the Media: As media coverage is everywhere, launching an artistic and intrepid experiential marketing inventiveness is an actual way to seize the attention of media and influencers. Media channels are always ready to cover such initiatives because they are not only newsworthy but are also interesting to audiences. The more initiative you show in your campaign, the better chance you have of earning coverage in the media. Similarly, people also like to share their experiences on social media platforms which include their experiences with brands resulting in free social media exposure. The posts can also be further shared by other users promoting the integrity of experiential and social media marketing to gather more customers.
  • Real-Time Experience for the Consumers: Happening outside a physical world experiential marketing ensures a real-time experience for the consumers by engaging pragmatically with them during the campaign. Experiential marketing permits customers to literally experience your brand by generating a friendly relationship. Quite appealing to almost all of the senses, these kinds of brand promotion reverberates well with people by ensuring a completely unique way of getting to know a brand that digital marketing cannot compete with.
  • Enhance Memorability for Brands: If you want people to remember your brand so that they will maintain consistency showcasing their loyalty to the brand, then experiential marketing is indeed one of the best solutions to go for. Luckily, experiential marketing is highly memorable creating a long-lasting impact on the consumers owing to its uniqueness from the traditional marketing strategies. By organizing a memorable campaign that the consumer will thoroughly enjoy, there is a high chance of imprinting the brand into their memory for a longer period of time.
  • More Sales and Promotion: While organizing a campaign for experiential marketing, customers get to interact with the company and brand at a closure level. This experience can certainly skyrocket the sales and promotion of the brand as customers will experience and enjoy it. If the products and services are available at the places of the campaigns, some of the consumers will also purchase them in the first place after experiencing them in real-time.

Emerging as a new trend with the influence of recent technological innovations, experiential marketing is proving to be an extremely effective form of marketing. An attention-grabbing yet fun-oriented marketing strategy, experiential marketing is beneficial for both the brand and its customers.

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