When to go for ATL or BTL Marketing

By Tanuja A Akkannavar Tuesday, 17 March 2020


Today, companies develop various marketing strategies and activities based on their consumer’s demands or targeted customers. Such concepts of marketing come under categories like Above the Line (ATL) and Below the Line (BTL).  Above the Line (ATL) marketing, the concepts, and ideologies used in the promotional activities do not belong to any specific group instead it is broadcasted to a mass. For example, marketing products and services on TV, Radio, Social Media and Print Media.

Below the Line (BTL) marketing, the promotional activities and the concepts created for this marketing will be targeting a specific group of customers. So following are the points that explain the difference between the ATL and BTL marketing campaigns:

ATL Marketing:

The marketing strategies designed are not for any specific crowd or customers; they do not focus on any specific message. The ATL marketing strategies are designed by the companies to reach larger masses and develop a market for their products and services, such as television, radio, and newspaper ads.

BTL Marketing:

The BTL Marketing strategies are created for a specific group of consumers; can also say designed for targeted customers. In this, the companies will develop marketing activities and campaigns with a direct message to a specified audience or customers. For example, baby product advertisements are specifically designed and broadcasted targeting the new mothers.

There are many circumstances where you remain confused which one to select, whether to go for ATL or BTL marketing strategies. Some of the terms are mentioned below which will help you in deciding when and how about the Implementation of ATL & BTL Marketing:

If a company wants to send any message to a greater mass irrespective of anything, they opt for ATL marketing. For example: During the festivals, several companies provide offers and discounts on their products, in order to inform this to a greater audience the companies plan for ATL marketing strategies. And the various platforms to implement ALT marketing activities are newspapers, magazines, television, radio, billboard hoardings, banners, and many more. Through these mediums, the companies will create awareness among the mass about their products and encourage them to buy their products and services.

When it comes to BTL marketing, the strategies are framed based on a particular aim of providing information to targeted customers. The marketing strategies are customized according to their consumers and broadcasts direct messages to their specified consumers. There are several ways of implementing BTL marketing strategies such as direct e-mails or messages, conducting events, outdoor activities, campaigns, free samples, face-to-face advertising and many more.

The ATL and BTL activities in marketing can gain many advantages to a company and also helps a company to advertise their products and services to their targeted or non-targeted audience. Following are some of the benefits of ATL & BTL marketing:

Benefits of ATL Marketing:

  1. It can reach to a wider and huge mass in a shorter time. By implementing ATL marketing and planning activities a company can promote its products to a larger audience and convey their messages.
  2. By promoting the products and services to a huge mass, a company can create a market for their products and services. Eventually, this will increase the demand for their products and services, and this will gain good profit and revenue for a company.
  3. When a market is been created for any product or service it adds value to their brand and this results in a good branding of a company in the market.
  4. The mediums used for ATL marketing are increasing and this is benefiting the companies to use a suitable and affordable platform to market their products and services.

Benefits of BTL Marketing:

  1. It can easily connect with the targeted audiences and provide them with the necessary message about the products and services designed for them.
  2. As the audience or customers are specific under BTL marketing, it is an easy task to collect feedback from the customers.
  3. The message provided with the activities and strategies under BTL marketing can be easily understood by the customers because it is direct information to target consumers.
  4. The marketing campaigns and activities can be designed and customized according to their specific customers.

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