Google is now offering YouTube mobile users the Multiview Capability

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 21 March 2024

Users of YouTube TV could watch up to four live broadcasts at once on a single screen without having to flip between channels since the option was initially made available to them last year. The functionality is now accessible on streaming media players, iPhone and iPad devices, and smart TVs.

Numerous Reddit users also reported that they saw Multiview capability on their YouTube TV for iPhone. As per 9to5Google, the YouTube TV app's multi-window functionality may be accessed through the "Home" menu, albeit it is presently restricted to specific games. Furthermore, YouTube has expanded its customization capabilities to enable users to fully utilize the platform and create channels.

_oh_jay, a Reddit member, even posted a Live Photo showing off how his iPhone's YouTube Multiview functionality functions. Notably, an update to the YouTube TV app is enabling the Multiview functionality for iPhones and iPads. Nevertheless, it need an upgrade to the 8.11 version of the program as well as authorization from YouTube's servers. 

Unlike owners of iPhones and iPads, Android users will have to wait for YouTube TV's Multiview capabilities. YouTube says it will appear on Android devices "in the coming months."

In other news, YouTube has introduced a new feature in its Creator Studio that enables video producers to identify when their work includes edited or artificial intelligence (AI) material. This endeavor aims to address the challenge of distinguishing authentic content from artificial intelligence (AI) on platforms such as YouTube.                                        

The platform has enforced that content producers disclose the usage of generative AI in their works in order to thwart disinformation and warn users of artificial modifications. Creators may now mark whether their material is animated, artificial, or augmented with special effects or AI support using a new tool in Creator Studio.

The official release from YouTube states that these disclosures will be included as labels in the descriptions of the videos. The labels for any content that deals with delicate subjects like news, politics, money, or health will be clearly visible inside the film. Videos using altered real-world footage, realistic human likenesses, or AI-generated realistic situations must be disclosed.

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