Google and Apple collaborate to provide a new tech that blocks anti-stalking trackers

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 14 May 2024

Apple and Google have joined forces to unveil Detecting Unwanted Location Trackers, a new industry standard for Bluetooth tracking devices, months after first introducing it. The new standard will allow users on both iOS and Android to be notified if their device is being used without their knowledge for tracking purposes. This will lessen the likelihood that items tracked-down gadgets will be abused.

While Google is introducing this feature on Android 6.0+ devices, Apple is putting it into practice with the release of iOS 17.5.

How will consumers benefit from it?

With this new feature, consumers, irrespective of the platform the device is linked with, will now receive an alert on their smartphone saying, "[Item] Found Moving With You," if an unknown Bluetooth tracking device is observed traveling with them over time. This can assist users in determining whether someone is following them or monitoring the whereabouts of their belongings.

When a user receives an alert like this on their iOS smartphone, it indicates that another person is using a Bluetooth tracker that is compatible with their AirTag, Find My accessory, or other device. If not, iPhone may check the tracker's identification, hear the tracker play a sound to help find it, and get instructions to disable it. It's conceivable that the tracker is linked to an item the user is borrowing. According to the two firms, it is compatible with Bluetooth trackers from Pebblebee, Jio, Chipolo, eufy, and Motorola in addition to AirTag.

Numerous cases of AirTag and other Bluetooth trackers being used improperly for stalking people have been documented. This new Bluetooth standard, which works with both iOS and Android, will make users more aware of other trackers nearby.

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