OpenAI will Unveil more Robust AI Model GPT-5 in a Few Months

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 20 March 2024

The latest version of OpenAI's generative AI model, GPT-5, is about to be released. Although the debut date has not been formally announced, a Business Insider article states that it is scheduled for mid-year, maybe in the summer. In comparison to the GPT-4 model that was unveiled last year, the latest iteration of the big language model is anticipated to be far more powerful. In a discussion with Lex Fridman, Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, alluded to several releases this year. He stated that the name has not been selected and did not go into details, but he did affirm that OpenAI "will release an amazing new model this year."

Citing people familiar with OpenAI's plans, the BI piece said that the expected release of GPT-5 is scheduled for sometime in the summer. This schedule, nevertheless, is flexible and subject to change depending on a number of variables.

Additionally, the article claims that OpenAI has shown GPT-5 demos to a few business clients. The improvements made to GPT-5 could provide a noticeably superior experience than that of its predecessors.

The study indicates that GPT-5 is presently in the training phase with regard to safety precautions and training. It will then go through a rigorous safety testing procedure, which includes an internal "red teaming" procedure. Before being released to the public, this entails thorough assessments to find and fix any possible problems.

The primary source of income for OpenAI is anticipated to come from enterprise sales, who stand to gain a great deal from the introduction of GPT-5. It is anticipated that the revised approach would improve the value proposition even more for commercial clients.

How OpenAI will handle the use and access to training data—a large portion of which is protected by copyright—remains to be seen. Regulating the use of such data to enhance AI models has been a challenge for OpenAI and other tech companies.

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