Learn Blockchain without Technological Background

By Aveek Pal Chaudhuri Tuesday, 20 August 2019

While some say it is tough to learn Blockchain without proper technical background, but there are multiple learning platforms that could actually make a learner master of Blockchain technology from level zero. Developed as a part of digital currency, Blockchain technology is a rising list of records (known as blocks) that are connected using cryptography. Every block separately contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp and transaction data. By default, a Blockchain is ineffective to data modification. Blockchain was introduced to foster digital currency with the goal to make financial transactions independent of banks while ensuring proper security measures. One fact is that the blockchain industry is not only about hardcore programmers, but it also includes copywriters, marketers, sales executives and many other professionals. So an overall knowledge of blockchain among aspiring technical copywriters, marketers, etc. is recommended.

Taking a simple example, suppose you want to learn blockchain and you want to make your friends aware about this technology too. But some of your friends do not have the requisite amount to pay for a blockchain course. For this, you and rest of your friends decide to help them out. What would you do? You would transfer the required amount via bank. Firstly, the bank will verify if you have the sum of money in your account or not. After verification, the bank will debit the amount that you want to transfer and send it to your friend’s account. This overall process will take some time and moreover, the bank will charge some transaction fee. Here, the bank is incharge or a central body for everything, from amount verification to processing transaction to transferring money.

Now, imagine there is no bank and it is replaced with blockchain technology. Hence, there is no central body and the transaction can happen between you and your friends directly. But for a hassle-free and safe transaction, there are some protective measures you and your friends need to take care off so that no false transaction arguments arise. For this, you need to ask every friend of yours to take note whenever a transaction occurs. Like, the moment one friend handover a certain amount to another friend, any other friend is required to write it down in a format – Money lender, amount and borrower. In fact, every friend present in the scenario needs to write the details separately, so that there are no chances for data misplace and all can verify the details among each other later. In this example, you can keep one document at the center that inscribes all transaction records.

Suppose you are lending INR 1000 to one of your friends and thereby initiating a transaction, which gets recorded and everyone can see the details. If it’s a successful transaction, you will note it separately and everyone else would be doing the same.

From the above example, you can see that your friend now owns INR 1000 and you are short by the same amount. You can use this piece of information for further profitable transactions. The friend to whom you gave the money can use that for learning blockchain and in turn help other friends with parts of the amount. If he does so, everyone present will again note the transaction details.

If one friend wants to help another friend with money that amounts more than what he/she has as per the details present, the transaction will not be verified by others and hence, it will not be noted down. If anyone of your friend destroys the transaction details, it would not be a mountaineering task for others to show their copies. Fact is that now no one would be able to cheat due to transparent transactions.

This is a general scenario regarding blockchain and you can learn the technical aspects of blockchain from various online learning sites like udemy.com, upgrad.com, courser.org, edx.org and others. Top companies are hiring for blockchain technologies and the demand is consistent, the pay is good too!

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