Apple prepares AirTag 2 with enhanced chip and better tracking for 2025 debut

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 20 May 2024

After Apple debuted the AirTag in early 2021, it appears that 'reportedly' they may release a new one 'soon!'.The updated version appears to have a new 'tracker chip'. This may assist you acquire a better version of the AirTag's tracking functionality.

The new model 'AirTag2' is supposed to include an updated chip and improved location tracking capabilities. "Apple is already doing test runs with manufacturing partners in Asia," Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reports.

What's the latest!

In his current "Power On" email, Gurman said that Apple plans to work on the next-generation AirTag, codenamed "B589." According to reports, Apple is presently finalizing production testing. The new item tracker is still expected to emerge in the middle of next year. 

So, how will the new 'AirTag 2' differ from previous versions? More exact location, quicker identification? Experts believe the new 'AirTag' may be compatible with Apple's Vision Pro headset. Apple is rumored to be redesigning its latest AirTag version to improve security. Early complaints indicate that the previous AirTag was unsafe for youngsters. 

In his current Power On email, Mark Gurman stated, "We should prepare for a new AirTag. I mean, it's not going to happen overnight, you see, and Gurman expects that the new version, with the intriguing codename B588, will come around the middle of next year."

Are there any fresh plans?

Apple just released iOS 17.5, which includes enhancements to the existing AirTag. This may assist you get notifications from trackers that have been inappropriately tracking you. Rumors suggest that Apple may equip the iPhone 16 models with a second-generation Ultra Wideband processor, which might also be used in future AirTags.

According to reports, Apple has already developed a sophisticated tracker that takes use of Apple devices ''smart characteristics'. For example, if you lose an AirTag, it allows you to secretly contact a nearby Apple device and get a message informing you of its whereabouts.

Until this week, only AirTags were thought to have made themselves known. A significantly broader assortment of Bluetooth trackers will be shown. Now all we have to do is wait for an updated version of AirTag.

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