Release of Apple iOS 17.5: Cross-platform tracking detection when downloading third-party apps

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 14 May 2024

Apple published the iOS 17.5 operating system with several important upgrades, such as cross-platform tracking detection, enhanced third-party app compatibility in the EU, offline support for Apple News, and more, just before the WWDC 2024 event takes place next month. 

1) Cross-Platform following Detection:

For a few years now, Apple has enabled iOS to identify an unidentified AirTag or Find My Network device that may be surreptitiously following a user's movements. 

Apple will now alert users if it finds a Bluetooth tracking device they are carrying with them according to the iOS 17.5 update. This functionality was developed in collaboration with Google and is accessible on Android devices as well.

2) Apple News:

Users of Apple News+ will now be able to view the app's news+ section and today feed when offline. The Cupertino-based tech giant is also launching Quartiles, a brand-new, unique word game that will initially only be playable in the US and Canada.

3) Downloading third-party apps:

In March of this year, Apple released the iOS 17.4 update, allowing users in the EU to download apps from third-party shops.With the most recent update, Apple has enabled consumers to download apps straight from the app developers' websites.

On the other hand, developers will need to submit a document detailing their qualifications if they wish to let customers download apps from their websites.

Developers will need to complete a form detailing their qualifications if they wish to allow people to download apps from their websites, though. Additionally, upon reaching a specific level, these developers will get a 0.50 euro "Core Technology Fee." 

4) Additional information:

With the most recent iOS 17.5 update, users will be able to finally take advantage of the new functionality in iOS, iPadOS, and WatchOS. Apple just revealed their annual Pride collection wallpapers. According to Apple, when an iPhone or iPad user unocks their device, the Pride wallpaper will shift dynamically.

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