25 Most Promising Corporate Verification Consultants

In this era of high competition where every individual strives to leave the other behind, there are frequent cases when an individual commits forgery his identity or supplies wrong information in order to land in a job of his choice or requirement. In such cases, it is the company which stands to lose. The person might not work with as much efficiency as he is required to do, or might occupy a position that could have belonged to a more deserving candidate. Many business owners may rethink the idea of background check and employee verification before hiring, whether it is worth the additional time and cost expenses. But workplace fraud can cost organizations billions annually and can also hamper the future performance and the credibility of the organization if not prevented. A 2013 study of Bribery and Corruption found that 75 percent of the major frauds in the organization were committed by the insiders and 47 percent was due to the deficient internal control of the operations of the organization. The list of the fraud activity does not end here; thankfully today India is successfully adapting risk mitigation solutions in background checking. Background checking deals with searching through various governments, private or public database to confirm the real identity of the candidate, if the person has any previous criminal record, qualification issues or history. Such checks are important to mitigate business risks and keep in light any possible warning signs.

However, background verification is not an easy task. Lack of centralized repository information, true database in police station and court, makes it a difficult and hazardous process. Despite the growth of number of verification consultancies, most companies are yet to give pre-employment background check and it is also a challenge to search for such reliable consultancies that can ensure hiring the right talent and promote safety in the workplace.

Hence, identifying these requirements, we at Consultants Review bring to you a list of “25 Most Promising Corporate Verification Consultants”. The list aims to help entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to choose competent consulting partner who provides a much higher level of professionalism and integrity in offering comprehensive screening solutions for employees.

Company Name Description
Alpha Background Checks Services Leading professional pre-employment screening services, background checks for corporations, government organizations, and others
Alpha Risk Control Services Leading professional pre-employment screening services, background checks for corporations, government organizations, and others
AMS INFORM Offering background checks, business information reports, insurance claims investigations, assessment services, amongst others
AuthBridge One of India’s leading background verification and risk mitigation companies
Axiliem Conducting confidential, legal and ethical investigations that are fully compliant with specific privacy
Corporate Investigations India Premier business-support services company providing sterling quality verification and security services
CRP Risk Management Leading risk mitigation consulting and solutions provider with practice areas of employer services, claims processing, risk services and training
D Code Research Background screening/verification and HR risk management company specializing in providing wide range of professional services
Ethos HR Management Projects Creating value in talent management domains and business consulting services
Evaluationz Striving to provide information on records through high quality verification and assessment services
First Advantage Helping organizations to seamlessly conduct background checks on employees and vendors in compliance with the law of the land
Fox I Vision Competently managed service driven company deals into background verification, hospitality and security services
ICrederity Aiming to set a standard platform for background verification, based on authentic credential analysis
Icrest One of the upcoming background verification companies catering to credential verification requirements of the organizations
Integrity Verification Services Specializing in employee background screening, risk mitigation services and complex fraud investigations
JantaKhoj InfoServices Aiming to simplify background checks and due diligence
Matrix India Well positioned to deliver best in class services across different industry segments for better compliance and risk mitigation
Netrika Professional risk and integrity management company operating in emerging & frontier markets to advise clients on operational or business risks
Pietos Specializing in multi process HR outsourcing, covering the entire hire to retire model, for large and midsized businesses
PremierShield Providing innovative and strategic security based business solutions to its customers
PROQUEST Wide spectrum of employee background screening and vendor screening services
Resources For You Created to provide world class customer service, cost-effective pricing and the fastest turnaround times in the industry
Super Soft India Providing a comprehensive portfolio of screening services which enable employers to make the right hiring decisions at the right time
Verifica Labz Accredited as one of India’s trusted and the most innovative solution providers in the field of employee background verification
VerifiTech India Safeguarding businesses through specialized verification services