VerifiTech India: Safeguard Your Business through Quality Verification Services

CIO Vendor Recently, the HR of a company while interviewing a candidate observed that the person somehow did not perform up to the mark of the resume presented. This suspicion drove the company to dig in deeper and finally it was discovered that the candidate had faked the documents with someone else’s real experience certificates. Also, the resignation letter and the pay slip that he had furnished as proofs of employment were forged. Such instances of making tall claims in one’s resume, producing modified service letters from past employers, modifying salary slips to get a better raise in new jobs and even faking the employer has become rampant in today’s competitive market. However, facing such cases of fudged data from job applicants, Indian companies seem to have realized the importance of employee verification and are hiring professional background verifiers to meet this purpose.

Back in 2008, when the corporate mass market was affected by worldwide recession and the percentage of fabricated and exaggerated information was extremely high, K. Raju sensed this as an opportunity and stepped forward to fulfill the demand of background screening and verification service providers. Raju together with his team of highly experienced professionals established “VerifiTech”, a company which signifies a fusion of two words, VERIFICATION & TECHNOLOGY. As a Professional Background Verification Company, Verifitech India presents wide range of services like Corporate Employee Background Check, NBFC Credit Verifications, Vendor Due Diligence and Cab driver/house Keeper Background Verification. The company also offers verification through ‘VerifiTech’ mobile application with GPS tracking that gives added value to the verification process with respect to Authentication for Check, Accuracy in quality reporting and capturing of real time TAT.

Started during the peak of recession, today Chennai based Verifitech stands firm to work, safeguarding their clients’ business through Quality Verification Services

The Silver Lining
In addition to feature richness of Verifitech, the biggest differentiator of the company is its implementation methodology. Explaining VerifiTech’s modus operandi, K Raju, Co-Founder and CEO of the company says, “At Verifitech, we understand how much effort is required for an organization to hire a right candidate for any position and so, we are here to help. Our Employment Background Check plays a vital role in the process of screening the candidate and helping the management to have a better control over their human capital.

Our Reference Check helps the employer to look beyond the facts mentioned in the resume. Our Database Check department provides an ease to the field investigation department. We offer customized processes and solutions based on the specific requirements of each client, thus helping them to take right decisions with respect to hiring, credit lending perspectives and upholding their values.”

From Success to Significance

Started during the peak of recession, today Chennai based Verifitech stands firm to work, safeguarding their clients’ business through Quality Verification Services. An active member of National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and few Global Database Regulatory Authorities, this company has achieved an impressive growth over a short span of time in India and overseas. “Having served over 500 clients till date, our mission is solely to provide error free verification services to all our clients in a cost-effective manner. We intend to grow as the most trusted Verification Service Provider in Indian sub continent. Also, as per expansion plans, we are planning to enter the Singapore market in the coming years,” concludes Raju.