Alpha Risk Control Services: Personalized Corporate Investigation Services

CIO Vendor The recent Uber crime cases in New Delhi have revealed the darker side of careless background check in India. Uber is not the only company. In a growing country like India, companies are often seen in a mad rush to hire in groups of tens and hundreds. Tight timelines for hiring and cost-consciousness often lures the recruiter to go easy on the candidate’s background checks and verifications. According to a report by First Advantage, a background screening company, there are close to 7,500 companies in India which operate just for providing fake employment and educational certificates. Thus, it is not very hard to get fake documents in the country. Mahesh Bisht sensed these challenges of the recruiters and in 2010 established Alpha Risk Control Services, with a vision to end the growing trend of document forging.

Uncovering the Truths with Background Checks

Based out in New Delhi, Alpha Risk Control is India's fastest growing Legal Advisory and Corporate Investigation Firm. The company, through its unique top-notch processes and delivery models offers unique services like IPR Investigation, Copyright Infringement, Trade Mark Investigation & Enforcement, Corporate Investigation, Risk Control, Fraud Control, Insurance Claim Investigation, Employee Background Verification, Due Diligence, Document Examination, Asset Recovery, White Collar Crime, Cyber Crime, Forensic Evidences, Scientific Evidence, Skip Tracing and many more.

“We at Alpha Risk Control Services get into the shoes of our customers and align with their visions and immediate requirements. We realize the importance of hiring the right candidate for the company and thus based on physical investigation, market research and confidential reliable sources, we carry out comprehensive executive level, pre-employment, personal and business background investigations about the candidate. The background checks also include educational certificate verification, document examination, and criminal checks from respective Police Departments,” says Mahesh Bisht, Director, Alpha Risk Control.

Team Alpha is fully geared up to address the challenges of the recruiters and set a new benchmark in not only India but also international markets

Proclaiming about the uniqueness of the company, Mahesh adds, “Alpha is one of its own kinds of corporate investigation service provider. Here, we utilize our in-depth market knowledge to provide comprehensive background verification services to our customers, thus accomplishing our inception objectives. Our team of investigators and advisors guide the clientele to take the right decision which helps them achieve maximum growth and profits.

We also ensure clients’ security from internal and external challenges, market research, compliance, pilfer ages and theft. Our timely actions help our clients save a lot of money, compliance provides them safety and brand protection safeguards their financial interest and profits. It is our professional yet young team, knowledgeable minds and years of trusts that make us different from others.”

Success Breeds Success

A company which once started with strength of 6 people today employs over 70 professionals that are continuously working towards fulfilling the needs of clients like BMW, Audi, Reliance, TATA, Corporation Bank, ICICI Lombard and many more. Team Alpha is fully geared up to address the challenges of the recruiters and set a new benchmark in not only India but also international markets. Narrating the future roadmap of Alpha, Mahesh says, “We understand the significance of excellent human capital in producing sustainable growth, hence we are focused to deliver the best through our extended services. Also, our quality of service has always been our USP and we intend to keep up this good work and improvise on it in the coming years.”