Rajeshwari & Associates: Offering Customized and Cost-Effective Solutions under a Variety of IP Verticals

Regarded as the most valuable strategic asset in today’s digital era, Intellectual Propertyis a strong determiner of business escalation. Companies are increasingly making efforts to leverage IP management strategies effectively to receive lasting advantages. Though employee copyright awareness is higher than even five years ago, studies show that most workers still lack sufficient awareness of their responsibilities under intellectual property (IP) laws, particularly when it comes to sharing digital content. Many believe that content available on the Internet can be shared without requesting permission. The internet business boom, low copyright awareness among employees and fast and easy ways to access and share information have created many challenges in front of modern day businesses. It is in this context that consulting an external patent law firm becomes necessary. Collaboration with experts in intellectual property law can be beneficial to the businesses as these law firms can provide tactical execution and guidance on strategic intellectual property considerations. Specialized in Intellectual Property, Rajeshwari & Associates is a trustworthy name in this field with expertise extending across a wide spectrum of industries and sectors.

Established in 2010, Rajeshwari & Associates is a full-service law firm, committed to providing quality legal advice and seamless services to clients. With a strong foundation of its founder, Ms. Rajeshwari Hariharan’s 20 years of enviable experience in areas like IP Laws, Litigation and Prosecution, the firm works relentlessly towards rendering specifically customized solutions to its clients. Rajeshwari Hariharan, who was a law practitioner before the High Courts at Delhi and Bombay expressed, “When I was working with a law firm, I got a chance to work with many various companies in US or else where. I discovered that there is a lack of awareness among Indian companies regarding IP Protection and Execution. It’s true that these companies have a huge potential and many of them are forerunners in introducing innovation and inventions. But they don’t have a proper medium to channelize these inventions and bring out its real potential. Considering this, we created a platform for these companies, which not only takes care of basic IP filing and prosecution requirements but also counsels them about the practical aspects of IP, so the companies can reap long-lasting benefits.

With a mission to provide high quality, cost-effective, hassle-free services and pragmatic solutions with short turn-around time, Rajeshwari &
CIO Vendor Associates always walks the extra mile to find innovative, creative and practical solutions for their associates. They are fully capable of handling all types of Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Industrial Designs, Plant Variety, Geographical Indicators, and related IP litigation, besides Information Technology Law, Regulatory Affairs, Technology Transfer and allied fields. “We strive hard to provide hassle-free legal services which are efficient, effective, tailor-made and also affordable. Our dedicated pool of professionals, with a perfect blend of youth and experience, counsel clients at every stage of their invention; we advise them how to make the invention, how to protect it, how to file it and how to enforce it. If they have products, we advise them on how to launch it and when to launch it. Our team members ensure that our clients get professional advice and services that are commercially beneficial and legally viable,” Rajeshwari explained.

Since its inception in 2010, this award-winning firm has been a prominent name in providing seamless services to Indian as well as International clients and protecting their Intellectual Property Rights globally. From start-ups and SMEs to multinational corporations, Rajeshwari & Associates teams cover a wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, software, electronics, engineering, higher education, and Government agencies. Spread across in Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai, the firm currently focuses on IT and biotechnology and aims to become a leading global law firm, delivering quality services and solutions in the field of Intellectual Property and other disciplines to large and small clients.