Rohan Consultancy: Decoding Organizational Success through Individualized Total Knowledge Solution

CIO Vendor Being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, our country boasts a vibrant and thriving business community, featuring multinational to highly capable local companies. With the fast growing market, the level of competition among companies too increases and it’s high time to move on from impractical data, poorly implemented recommendations and sign up with multiple solution providers, who just care about their sales, not the growth of the client. Modern business persons need a comprehensive service provider, who goes beyond advising and combines knowledge with strategic growth plans to generate new revenue streams; Rohan Consultancy is such a growth promoting partner. Operating as a knowledge management partner for clients, Rohan Consultancy has carved a niche position in the market with its unique approach and premium quality services.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India, Rohan Consultancy aims to serve the client in terms of training, customer support, intellectual assets management and many more. Ajay Mehrotra, Founder, Rohan Consultancy shares, “We give multiple Options and solutions to customers to get what they want. Others just impose their products on clients, whereas Rohan Consultancy gives clients what they want and not what we want to give. Just selling the product is not the end of the story - we go beyond and give the clients what they need and also ensure that they use what they require to get the best return of income. In that way, we work with our clients and publishers as partners in progress and not only as clients.”
The company’s approach is built around elevating business by understanding the aspirations and unique abilities of its customers. They are specialised in patent, information & database services and committed to long term relation-ship based on trust and value with each client. “We work with different publishers around the world and provide Technical Literature to our clients. Automotive companies/ telecommunication companies be able to use these products for further their research needs. We educate the users on compliance and help them by procuring copyright cleared articles for research and development purposes. Further, our company also provides document management systems to clients which help them to move towards a paperless office. For example, one of the largest safety equipment manufactures in India adopted our solution and as a result they could avoid clutter and recovered documents faster when required, which made their entire process efficient and hassle-free,” Ajay explains.

"Rohan Consultancy aims to serve the client in terms of training, customer support, intellectual assets management and many more"

Exclusively catering to corporate space of India, Rohan Consultancy is recognized as one of the early players in the market and their client base is widening every year along with a steady revenue growth. “We were amongst the first to get a global license for one of our international publishers. Our clientele includes leading names in the industry, to name a few - Bajaj Auto, TVS Motors, General Electric, TCS, Infosys, Adani Electricity, Evalueserve, and SABIC India. We are now reckoned as a force in the IP (Intellectual Property) market where we have made our mark working with different publishers.” Talking about the growth contributing factors, Ajay reveals that “The biggest factor which has helped our company’s growth is ‘Reliability’ and ‘Service’. We have always gone to our clients as partners and not as clients. They trust us for the solutions and services we offer them. Our clients have confidence in us.” With a fast-growing network that spans across cities like Bengaluru, Pune and Delhi, the company wishes to continue to serve high quality services to publishing partners and clients and strives to introduce innovative product offerings and increase the levels of customer satisfaction.