Prism Intellectual Property: Providing Wide Range of Customized Intellectual Property Consulting Services

CIO Vendor While most large businesses have created and maintained enforcement on a large intellectual property portfolio, many small or medium-sized enterprises wait too long into their development to get serious about intellectual property protection. It may be insightful to note that registering for an intellectual property becomes a mandatory obligation right from the very next moment of incorporation of the company or business. Even the smallest of elements like the logo or even the tagline used are matters of intellectual property of the organization, which over the period of time may become a synonym of the commodity. PRISM IP is an Intellectual Property research and analytics firm born with a perspective of completeness in IP consultancy that includes entire spectrum of Patent, Trademarks, Copyrights, Designs and any other IP. PRISM endeavors to develop in-depth analysis of client’s business needs and requirement to deliver high quality, reliable and cost effective services.

“Most of the firms that I had seen during my early days either were only technically or legally good. The rarity of a total package that involved consultancy in technical along with the legal knowledge was something that was not apparently available at one place. We were born from the very thought that when a client needs IP consultancy, we cannot wash away our hands with just an excuse that we are not legal experts or tech experts. Hence, we made ourselves aware of both the aspects and started practicing with the thought that our one stop shop should really mean 'one-stop-shop'.
Today, we try to solve almost all the queries of our clients within our firm, be it technical, legal, technolegal or the combination of any sorts,” said Satish Kumar Rana, Founder, Prism Intellectual property.

"The highly qualified team of PRISM believes that Responsiveness, Data Security, Seriousness are some of the major factors that have contributed towards the growth of the firm"

With a combined experience of more than 45 years in Patent and Trademark services, the firm offers various services including; Analytics for patents, trademarks and designs; statutory protection for patents, trademarks and designs; Transactions for patents, TMs and design and Technology Scouting. “We always try to get involved with our customers. This helps us understand the client’s requirements and positions us in a manner where we can advise all possible IP avenues. So, there might be a great patent idea but since we are involved in depth with the client we might find avenues for designs or any other IP for them. PRISM provides the best consultancy advice so that the IP is protected in all departments. This helps the clients to streamline their offerings. Our clients do not have to go anywhere else for their IP needs as we have everything starting from Patents to TMs designs and copyrights. We help them from the scratch that is identifying the IP, building it, filing it, prosecuting it and getting it granted. This kind of offering is rare in the industry,” added Prem Lata, Co-Founder, Prism Intellectual property.

Since the last three years the firm has been growing tremendously reaching 150 percent year on year. The highly qualified team of PRISM believes that Responsiveness, Data Security, Seriousness are some of the major factors that have contributed towards the growth of the firm. The skillfulness of the firm is well reflected in its clientele which ranges from legal and IP departments to startups and universities. Over the years, PRISM has helped the clients to make right decisions and guided them to monetize their intellectual property effectively. In the years to come, PRISM will constantly work to be the most preferred, reliable and yet cost-efficient IP solutions partner for the clients. PRISM aspires to grow as a brand in technolegal field. Further, the firm also desires to inculcate the culture of innovation within the employees and encourage them to go for the patent filing.