IP-SEACS: Blending IP with Business Viabilities to Ensure Continuous Value-Addition

CIO Vendor Intellectual Property is a fundamental modern business asset and a vital component of nations’ economic health on account of its unique value-addition to business. Securing the basic components of Intellectual property (Patent, Design, Trademark, Copyright and Geographic Indication) ensure business stability and sustainability besides increasing enterprise value. Patent, the first and foremost component of Intellectual property is considered an indispensable attribute and a prime impetus of economic growth, as established in innumerable research studies. Every patent application, whether it is a provisional/ complete or non-provisional patent has to be unique in order to boost the innovation-based properties. Moreover, for creating an IP favourable environment, there should be a supportive IP regime in the country. Though there are immense efforts being taken up by respective governments, under the umbrella of WIPO to streamline the IP, especially the patenting process but constraints remains in various forms and degrees. However, a common trait observed in these constraints is in the form of lack of precise and suave drafting style that severely affects the objective and focus of the inventions on account of which many they are rejected at the entry level. Apart from messed-up drafts and unorganized claims, the Indian IP segment is also facing problems of deficiency of proper analytical skill-sets and discrete provisioning of services by several IP firms. Recognizing these pitfalls as well as the demand for an integrated IP service platform, Mrs. Lipika Pain created IP-SEACS, a recognized consulting company to offer effective IP related solutions, not only in India but in almost all the countries in the patent map.

‘Guaranteeing Inventions, Safeguarding Business’
Based in the Salt Lake City, Kolkata, and a stone’s throw from the IT hub of Eastern India & Boudhik Sampada Bhawan, Kolkata (Intellectual Property office, GoI) IP-SEACS stands for “Intellectual Property-Social,
Economic/Environmental Analyses and Consultancy Services”. The objective of the firm is to secure the intellectual properties of organizations, while guiding or navigating them effectively in the modern complex business environment to optimize the revenue generation. “In the present market scenario, a probable inventor is often denied the pros and cons of a specific invention due to lack of proper IP counselling. Today’s inventors need tailor-made analyses to move on a successful path. Here, IP-SEACS helps clients to solve all kinds of IP related challenges by undertaking appropriate analyses that can guide them precisely in the patenting process/ Trade marking process as well as their marketability prospects. IP-SEACS also stays with the clients at every stages of their professional journey, be it safeguarding their name, symbol, slogan, or other brand identity, inventions, designs and originality by accurately mapping the social implications of human interferences,” affirms Mrs. Lipika Pain, Proprietor and Chief Operating Officer, IP-SEACS.

Steered by Mrs.Lipika, an Indian patent agent who possesses more than two decades’ work experience as Patent Analyst/ Departmental Head in leading IP firms in India, the dedicated team of IP-SEACS offers a plethora of services that add value to the client business, as mentioned in their tagline - ‘Guaranteeing Inventions, Safeguarding Business’. Their wide range of services include custom-made Prior art search reports, Patentability reports, design mapping reports, TM search reports, economic viability studies, specialized content development and Social Impact assessment reports in addition to the conventional drafting and filing of patent, TM and copyright applications. The pricing of these services were made highly competitive taking into account the ‘comparative cost’ pricing mechanism.

IP-SEACS differs from its competitors in terms of its unique quality of services that intelligently blends IP with business viabilities. The firm has been securing continuous orders from clients and business organizations in different countries like USA, Israel, Australia, Canada, UK, Saudi Arabia and many others. Their client base, which consists of many reputed organizations such as Kingston University, U.K, Monash University of Engineering, Australia, Slyomovics IP, Tel Aviv, Israel and M/s Fox & Associates, Massachusetts, U.S.A, has stepped up 40 percent since the first year of inception. Looking forward, IP-SEACS is charting out marketing plans to woo foreign business firms with R&D facilities for securing their IP and business expansions, while focusing on Indian pharmaceutical firms, engineering firms and academic institutions. Apart from this, IP-SEACS is planning to enter the blogging business with a dedicated blog that discusses about the developments in IP industry with a special emphasis on possibilities of blending IP services with the business objectives.