FABULOUS MEDIA: Driving Business Growth With Cutting Edge But Progmatic

Nikhil Sharma, Founder and Managing Director

When a business is born, their main focus is often on how to get the first customers on board. Most beginners may rely on traditional forms of advertising such as print ads or pamphlets, or even hoardings for their publicity which may bring in a trickle of business. However, technological advancements have opened the gateway to a plethora of new communication methods, with the internet providing companies an opportunity to reach a whole new audience. According to Statista, with more than 460 million internet users, India is the second largest online market, ranked only behind China and by 2021, there will be about 635.8 million internet users in India. Acknowledging today’s digital advancements, a large number of small and medium businesses are transforming their methods to connect with their customers. Brick-and-mortar businesses are either changing their business models to a Digital one, or the companies are beefing up their existing marketing efforts with digital marketing strategies in an attempt to capture a growing and lucrative online marketplace. Nikhil Sharma, a seasoned digital marketing enthusiast sensed a window of opportunity in this change. With a large number of organizations looking for skilled professionals with handson experience in social networking, internet marketing, search engine optimization and content marketing, Nikhil grabbed on this opportunity and established Fabulous Media – an SME and startup friendly, end to end digital media agency offering an integrated set of services including Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Websites and Applications Development, E-Commerce, Branding and Design.

Passionate about Digital as a medium, Nikhil Sharma, Founder, and Managing Director, Fabulous Media says, “It all started with an idea when I was in college and bought a widescreen laptop for studies. I was always attracted to wallpapers and would often download specific widescreen resolution wallpapers for my laptop. However, the challenge during this process gave me an idea and I started a site featuring widescreen wallpapers. I got into the habit of reviewing and posting a few wallpapers every day before heading to college, a habit which I religiously pursued for many months till there came a day where my site went down due to very high traffic. And there, my site was ranking number 1 on Google on keyword widescreen wallpapers. On monetizing this traffic, I was easily making 25 to 75K a month in 2007 with Adsense and Display Ads. This was the beginning of my understanding of Google Search and the power of SEO and its influence on a business.

With Zest of doing something big in Digital, and with a vision to build upon a world class, people-centric enterprise in India, I established Fabulous Media - a one stop shop for all digital marketing requirements”.

A window addressing all the digital marketing needs
Over the past few years, the world has made a noticeable shift from analog to digital. With a large number of the population consuming more and more information from the internet, it is undeniable that digital marketing is the best way to reach out to the target customers. Fabulous Media is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to bridging the gap between their clients and its customers. The firm offers a wide range of solutions pertaining to the evolving Digital needs of clients. Some of these include Websites and Applications Development, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Branding, and Design. With its Websites and Applications Development, the firmnot only gives the business an internet presence but also makes that presence projection worthy along with being duly functional. Fabulous Media designs and implements applications and websites in a way that it involves information architecture, layout, color, user interface, navigation ergonomics, fonts, and imagery as well as icon design. With its Digital Marketing services, Fabulous Media provides complete solutions to the digital marketing needs of its clients be it in any vertical of online marketing. “At Fabulous Media, our motto is to ‘Increase turnovers, not just followers’. To keep up with this, we make sure that our Digital efforts add value to the client’s business on numbers that actually matter. Our team always examines the clients’ needs to determine a judicious mix of digital verticals to be harnessed,” adds Nikhil.

For running an e-commerce store, one needs skilled and experienced force and, with the support of its experienced team, Fabulous Media has sufficed
the needs of various e-commerce projects. It has deployed its own e-commerce platform in 2014 that caters to the needs of any organization that intends to do business online. Some of the businesses equipped with Fabulous Media’s ecommerce platform include Jewelsify, Rhidhimabhasin.com, Karigari Jewellery, Feurick and many more. When it comes to the Branding and Design, the team at Fabulous Media focuses on functionalities to an extent that it is possible to help businesses in a manner that its brands are able to compete in the market. Fabulous Media is an expert in brand development and the firm’s strong portfolio speaks for itself. Whether it is about the conversions, traffic, brand image, or whatever the end goal is, Fabulous Media always ensures that the clients are benefitted in every manner.

" A bootstrapped venture set up in 2008, Fabulous Media stays true to its name by conducting thorough research about every project and getting the right people on board for managing each project"

“The core values that our company propagates within the organization comprises of continuous innovation, teamwork, a will to win, sense of responsibility among the employees, and most importantly priding in our work. We empower our team to be responsible and accountable for their work by not just helping them deliver results but also by helping them prepare for a successful lifestyle in their professional careers. At Fabulous Media, we not only celebrate the big milestones with Tier 1 clients but we actually love to extend our support to startups. We work for Value, ROI and Growth tackling realworld challenges that our clients face. Our pragmatic approach towards Digital has helped our team to stay committed, ensuring their Digital projection is the best in the industry,” shares Usha Sharma, Director, Fabulous Media.

A Journey from Passion to Profession
A Research driven, Growth Agency, today, Fabulous Media is renowned to deliver without fail. The firm plans and executes ROI driven digital campaigns with most innovative ideas to convert the best out of the target audience. “Fabulous Media aims to break the shackles by keeping a ‘No-Nonsense Approach’ towards the client’s objectives with a relentless quest to implement fundamentals while avoiding the trap of various fancy jargons and acronyms. We keep it simple with our approach like – ‘Thinking and Innovating’ – a continuous thought process and brainstorming is the key for remaining relevant in the digital space; ‘Right Audience, Right Serving’- Targeting the right audience with the right kind of communication to avoid information overload in the era of endless screens and devices for content consumption; and ‘Research and Audit’ – Research is prime to every project and auditing helps us observe pitfalls, which if any, can be avoided and goals can be achieved. Continuously researching on changing consumer preferences and the time spent on various networks, apps or platforms has helped us define our marketing and communication mix. At Fabulous Media, we either double the leads/sales at the same cost or same number of leads/business at half the cost,” says Nikhil. Adding to this, Usha utters, “At Fabulous Media our mantra is simple – ‘Keep People Happy’. We have defined a concept called People Happiness Index as well where we keep a tab of our teammates as well as our clients and track all the activities and processes so that there is a balance between scope,results and work-life ofour employees. Also, our in take process is designed to ensure that Team Fabulous is a gold standard for those who want to work in a team of achievers and pioneers.”

A bootstrapped venture set up in 2008, Fabulous Media stays true to its name by conducting thorough research about every project and getting the right people on board for managing such projects. From a single founder team to over 50 employees across 3+ locations in 10 years and a revenue growth from a Million to 25 Million INR, Fabulous Media has come a long way since its inception.The firm’sunderstanding and skills are well-reflected through the range of customers served by Fabulous Media, some of which includes Masan Group (Vietnam), Asian Paints, Hindustan Times, Le Meridien, NDIM, Jewelsify, UFlex, Karigari, Syngenta, Dewan Group, Tata Housing, Chimes Aviation, ITS Group, HCL, Mobilox, Chanakya IAS Academy, Nazeer Foods and many more among 800+ clients served over the decade.

While it has been a rollercoaster ride for the firm since inception, the proficient professionals have learned from the experiences and are ready to implement new things in the future. Signing off by sharing the future roadmap of the firm, Nikhil expresses, “At Fabulous Media, we have zeroed on a single metric i.e Growth, we are rebranding ourselves to evolve as India’s first growth agency and streamlining our delivery to Headquarters based in Gurugram while Business Development offices in Mumbai and London. With an aim to become India’s first Growth Agency, our projections are very clear and ourteam is continuously strivingtowork up to its full potential and help in overcoming the challenges in the way and unfold as No.1 Digital Marketing Company in India. By providing the right solutions and achieving the goals for businesses and helping clients become a leader in their niche, we are right on target to become what we want to and we believe with the power of our passion and perseverance, we can surely reach 100 Million INR by 2021.”