Belthink: A Pioneer in Digital Marketing & Diversified Consulting

Hariprasad Ramamurthi, Founder

We are living in a digitally connected and always-on world, where even our day to- day functions are made withthe help of various digital tools. Consequently, many ventures and startups have emerged in digital technology field, offering numerable IT solutions to harness the advantage of growing need for digitalisation. From basic website creation to digital marketing, every digital solution has become anecessity today and boasts of infinite opportunities to the marketers. But the situation was not that pleasing for Belthink, a dedicated Digital Marketing and Diversified Consulting Company, when they started their operation in 2014. Cashing in on the prevailing digital gap in Indian enterprise sector during the early 2010s, Belthink kicked off its high-end Marketing and IT solutions with immense customer support at affordable cost – a quality, that still absent in many contemporary digital marketers. “It was a period, where only less than one sixth of Indian population had broadband connection, but the potential was huge. This data incited to start my own company in digital field with a combo of Consulting, Marketing & IT Services,” narrates Hariprasad Ramamurthi,Founder, Belthink.

Being a pioneer in Digital Marketing and Consulting, Belthink serves cost-effective solutions to Small- Scale Industries, Semi-Corporate, Proprietors, startup firms and upcoming entrepreneurs across various verticals and strives to bring them to digital platform to experience significant revenue growth. By intelligently combining technology, latest analytical tools and team’s innovative minds, the company delivers best-in-class end-to-end
solutions in fields of Digital Marketing, Website design, Branding and Strategies, E-commerce and Application Development. Hariprasad, Founder, Belthink adds, “From Logo Designing to E-Mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Trademark, Copyright, ISO Consulting, E-commerce and Customized Software Development, Belthink is able to deliver scalable and enduring customer solutions. We offer incremental growth to our Client’s business by taking them onboard with convincing strategies and marketing plans throughout the project and enable them to collaborate with our team, synchronous to their challenging and hectic business schedules. With the support of our cloud server and dedicated server infrastructure containing redundant RAID 1 & RAID 5 storage technologies, we constantly collect and update all the data and achieves better results for our clients.”

The core competency of Belthink lies in their proficiency to leverage latest technologies effectively and to continually work on client’s business growth within an affordable price limit. Their 24x7 customer support, customer-centric services, time-bound product delivery and focus on future-ready technologies have fetched them a reputable position in the market. Today, the company caters to different verticals like Marine, Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality, Travels & Tourism, Engineering, Tax and Auditing, Education and Chemicals and has achieved a diverse and strong client base, which includes the leading companies from India, USA, South East Asia and UAE. Some of the prominent names in their clientele are World Source Healthcare – USA, Philippines and India, Apollo Spectra – India, ASA Diagnostics – India, Guild Engineering and Turnkey Solutions – India, IBS Gulf Design – India, Hotel Pearl International – India and UAE and Creative Marine Engineers – India.

Value Driven Growth
Belthink follows entrenched principles of Business Transparency and Integrity and Data Security and Privacy and truly believe in their in-house teams and their potency in growing the company further. “We, abunch of technocrats, constantly work on updating our skill sets and thrive upon latest frameworks and tools that are abuzz in the markets for both web and mobile platforms. As a technology and consulting company, our focus has always been on latest technologies and next gen solutions. We are planning to connect our complete process and Structure using AI in future. Our vision is to be a leading Digital Marketing and Diversified Consulting (DMDC) company. We expect remarkable business developments in terms of geography, workforce, verticals and, of-course, revenue,” Hariprasad concludes.