GREENSTONE Energy Advisor: An Investment Bank With Focus in Renewable Energy Sector

Rahul Goswami,Managing Director

Rahul Goswami, in his entire career, has focused on the renewable sector. His corporate stints revolve around investment banking with a focus in the sector for almost a decade in New York. It was during this time that he recognized the significant value that would be created in the Indian energy sector over the next 10 years and that renewable energy would have a key role to play. Moreover, considering that time period there were no specialist investment banks in India focused on the sector. Rahul identified a great opportunity to leverage his experience and build a platform focused on the market. This led to the inception of Greenstone Energy Advisors, an investment bank focused exclusively on the Indian renewable energy sector that helps developers raise capital to finance corporate growth and project development, construction and operations. Greenstone is fortunate to have a team of experienced professionals who share the same ideology – a fundamental passion for renewable energy. “While our offerings are financially focused, we are committed to making a positive impact on the environment in India through our work,” informs Rahul.

While one the key challenges in the Indian consulting space relates to the reluctance of domestic clients in paying for advice, team Greenstone addresses it by developing deep relations with international investors and increasing its focus on international clients looking to understand the sector. “We find these groups place substantial value on intellectual capital and have interests which are a good match for our practice. We are recognizing increasing interest from foreign parties and feel our on-the-ground exerience provides substantial value to these groups,” says Rahul. Greenstone's services such as capital raising, M&A and strategic advisory are known to be quite straightforward. However, its offerings in these areas are differentiated – specifically, it offers clients access to unique relationships and deep, transparent insights into its transaction.

Dedicated to a single sector and driven to be recognized as leaders in this space, Greenstone's single minded focus results in greater depth in its
understanding of marketing, and relationships focused on the sector. The company’s values the best ideas and are open to healthy discussions, debate and thinking. Further, it is a firm believer of the fact that its value is enhanced by the volume and quality of its external interactions. “We have established systems and process for deriving this value, both in a business and social context, which we believe will give us a tremendous advantage over time,” he asserts.

"Driven To Be Recognized As Leaders In The Space, Greenstone’s Single-Minded Focus Results In Greater Depth In Its Understanding Of Marketing, And Relationships Focused On The Sector"

The company assists developers by introducing and facilitating transactions with investor relationships it has. “We are able to do this on a bilateral basis or through a competitive process where we coordinate a road show and solicit proposals from multiple parties. All three services complement each other creating synergy in our perspectives,” he adds.

The Success Story of Greenstone Energy Advisors
Since inception, Greenstone has consistently increased its revenues every year. It has also been successfully working with larger investors and developers in the segment. The team is mentored by leading professionals in the financial services space including Hemendra Kothari(DSP Group)and Deepak Parekh(HDFC Bank).

Team Greenstone envisions being the number one in the renewable energy sector. The approach is to complete the most significant transactions in the sector and has the deepest relationships with the key players.“We are focusing on leveraging senior relationships,transaction experience, and international connections to achieve this. Also,we are becoming increasingly selective of the clients and investors we work with and specifically targeting the most marquee names in the sector,”concludes Rahul.