Sixth Sense Management Consultancy: Pioneers. Pacesetters. Doers.

Vinod Joshi, Founder

Mumbai-based Sixth Sense Management Consultancy(SSMC)is best defined as the skilled management and Marketing Navigators. For over a decade of frenetic activities, the company has been known to help businesses thrive. SSMC’s bespoke and superbly crafted and innovative business consultancy solutions and training programs have unblocked the most advantageous business performance pathways for its clients.

SSMC, the brainchild of Vinod Joshi,commenced its operations as a consultancy firm. A cumulative experience of over two decades gave him the eagle eye to accurately diagnose the pain points of the market. Before zeroing in upon creating SSMC, Vinod interacted with few of his friends – those who were already running businesses in respective domains. His discussions with other entrepreneurs gave him an insight into how they had major queries, but unfortunately didn’t have anyone to assist them. He realized how and why most of the businesses suffered despite their inherent potential.‘Consultancy was the need of the hour’,Vinod thought to himself and without any further delay, he made up his mind to help these businesses by offering services especially to the FMBs and SMEs. This marked the beginning of SSMC; with the sole idea of offering professional consulting services that assist small businesses – from shaping the idea to the finalizing stage. “At SSMC we believe - Not failure but low aim is a crime. We’ve always partnered with our clients in a manner that helps them open up to
every possibility around them. We speak your language and co-write your company’s success story like few can. Our easy to implement needwise tailored solutions are positive pellets for business eminence,” explicates Vinod.

When SSMC began its journey, the popularity of consultation services among people was not rampant. In fact,to many, hiring a third-person help for the growth of a business was something unimaginable. With sheer hard work, perseverance and love for what they do,team SSMC eventually garnered few clients; mostly through references and word-of-mouth. Also, there were quite a few consultants who failed to justify the role of business consultants for not giving that edge to business. Team SSMC left no stone unturned in their building years to take advantage of the opportunities available in the market and win the hearts of their clients with quality consultancy services.“Everyone has their own niche and if they have created the niche, there is no one stopping them,” mentions Vinod.

Empowering Efforts, Providing Tangible Results
A family run business, Sixth Sense Management Consultancy clearly understands how a business is carried out in the country. The rich knowledge garnered across varied industry verticals and understanding the human business psychology gave them an edge over others.

At SSMC, Business Consultancy and Training are pivotal. The recently implemented Executive Task Force(ETF)not only gives on-job training to the clients employee but also empowers them to achieve the desired organizational goal. The slew of customized offerings includes Organizational Makeover, Human Resource Optimization, Sales & Business Development, Training & Development,Sales & Distribution, Marketing and others. “We not only serve as a consultancy but act as a trustee for the clients by getting involve in their internal and external growth and formulate strategies that help them sustain in the long-run,” informs Vinod..

With over two decades of presence, SSMC has catered to leading brands such as Vadilal, Bikaji, Timex, Meiji and has generated a turnover of 3000 crores. Soon the company plans to adopt the latest technologies and digital marketing activities in its platform and create a learning community for all and likes to be called as 'Not Just Advisors, but Executors too'.