Poorna Engineering Consultants: An Enduring Commitment towards Sustainable & Efficient Engineering Solutions

S.Chandrasekar, Principal Consultant

With a registered office in Bangalore and branch offices in Hyderabad and Chennai, Poorna Engineering Consultants(PEC)is an engineering consulting firm specialized to provide a complete gamut of consultancy services in Electrical & ELV system. Founded in 1994 by a passionate graduate in electrical engineering, a Member of IET (UK) and Electrical Consultants Association of India, PEC with a total of 20+ employees cater to sectors like healthcare, hotels, industrial, institutions, commercial and residential, hospitals, R&D centres, IT parks and more. The company till date has completed more than 1200+ projects across Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa, Gujarat as well as in Muscat, Nigeria, Oman, Iraq and more.

It all began when Chandrasekar was fortunate enough to assist his architect friend with some project designing work. On completion of it in just couple of weeks and been able to present it exceptionally well, he was offered project for the same. However, he refused the proposal as he was not ready for it. On being constantly praised by his friends and acquaintances about his practice & expertise, the idea sparked him to start a consultancy firm of his own. Chandrasekar finally decided to plunge into the entrepreneurial sea and this is how PEC came into existence.

“A peerless design is said to be an outcome of hardcore passion. We at PEC are of the belief that design is one of the most powerful tools for securing a lasting competitive advantage. We try to mix the elements of
uniqueness, demand, and expectations to create excellent engineering design solutions,” says S. Chandrasekar, Principal Consultant, PEC.

Design. Procurement. Implementation
PEC keeps sustainability and energy efficiency at the forefront of all its projects. It combines the localized expertise with a global perspective to capture arising opportunities and is capable to deliver high-quality designs on time. The company’s hallmark has always remained the singular intelligence and collective experience. Claiming that as sustainability design ensures the optimum sizing of equipment, steel, copper, aluminium used in the projects is relatively less since these materials are extracted from the mother earth, the company makes the least utilization of it and tends to preserve the metals for the future generation. Understanding the client’s requirements to minimize both the initial and operational cost PEC assures to keep the economic viability of the project to be achieved and generate immense profitability during operations.

" Till date, PEC has completed 1200+ projects across Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa, Gujarat as well as in Muscat, Nigeria, Oman, Iraq, and others"

Meeting the extensive scope of Design, Procurement & Implementation, PEC delivers services right from conceptualization, detailed engineering, tender drawings, bid analysis to payment mechanism. Its wider array of offerings includes Electrical, ELV System, Solar Power and others. Broadly, it renders Electrical Distribution Architecture, Energy Conservation, and management, Fire Detection, CCTV & Burglar Alarm, Solar Power Panels & Plants, PHE, HVAC, and others.

The road towards Development & Expansion
Chandrasekar avers, “Driven by the standards, guidelines, and safety systems our deliverables can be trusted to perform better with a long lifespan defined with optimum solutions only.” Some of the noteworthy clients comprise of HAL, Teagutec, SDM, Wonderla, Taj group of Hotels, ABB, Schneider, Seimens, Best western hotel, Novotel hotel, Radisson Hotel, narayana hrudayalaya, Brigade group, Mantri developers, Phoenixand so on. As consultancy is said to be all about expertise and time, PEC in the near years wants to strengthen its position by being a preferred choice and work more on manufacturing segment, Hospitality & healthcare projects, large-scale projects in developing countries.