Protton Engineering: Ethical, Economical, Effective and Efficient engineering solutions

Gaurav Bhende, Director

A focused, pragmatic and resourceful team shapes up Protton Engineering, a specialized engineering consultancy firm providing total engineering and design solutions in the field of Process & Petrochemical Industry. Protton is amongst few small-scale consultants who provide complete Technical solutions like Stress analysis, fluid analysis, finite element analysis under one roof. “We are specialized in solving the practical problems (in Mechanical Domain) faced by plant operators like vibrations in piping system, Water hammer, flow induced vibrations, mechanical failures. In fact, we want to be known as a company who does high end critical work and who provides solution to real life problems,” speaks Gaurav Bhende, Director.

How did Protton start?
Gaurav Bhende was always keen to learn new engineering concepts, conducting in-house trainings or knowledge sharing sessions. This was constant even when he was working. Once, opportunity knocked his door and he was given a chance to play key role in establishing expertise in domain of Piping stress engineering. There were limitations in terms of innovation or introducing out-of-the-box ideas due to project schedule, budgets and some times company policies. This was the time when he thought of establishing a company where engineers should get a platform to explore their capabilities, where they can learn, read, experiment, share their knowledge. “The idea was to motivate engineers
to work beyond what is right and what is not easy and while doing so one should create a brand for them as well as company along with the joy of creation,” says Gaurav.

"Protton is amongst few small-scale consultants who provide complete Technical solutions like Stress analysis, fluid analysis, finite element analysis under one roof"

This thought marked the beginning of Protton. At the start, the oil price was USD 100 and above but within few months they collapsed to USD 30 to 40. Many companies laid off their employees and all of a sudden marked abundance of manpower and no jobs. We were new but we took this market situation as an advantage by quoting projects at reasonably low cost as every company wanted to save money. We even got few small projects to start with. Slowly our work got recognized and we were able to move further,” he says.

With the present oil & gas market where people are sceptical to invest in new projects easily and do not want to recruit staff on permanent basis, Protton caters to their clients by deputing skilled man power on contract. The company leaves no stone unturned to be unique by means of their technical skills and acting as a major pillar of support to clients till the end.

The Roads travelled!
Incepted as a proprietorship company in 2015, Mumbai based Protton has come a long way to be known as a respected & trusted company for its technical excellence &world class training in Engineering. The company believes in developing a culture where employees love by the company values. Gaurav mentions, “The culture of our company is based on motivating the employees rather than monitoring them. All employees have the freedom of time. Sky is the limit for each one of them.”

Till date, Protton has served more than 30 clients and most of them have presence in India. Envisioning reaching out to more clients, Protton team is learning new software and new skills. “We want to provide solutions which are viable and cost saving. We want the operating companies and other big consultants to give us an opportunity to assist them in their Daily work load as well as in solving critical problems in Piping and Pipeline,” concludes Gaurav.