KnowGenix: Sustainable growth strategies for businesses

CIO Vendor It all started during the late-80s &the 90s. The period witnessed two significant developments; first being the emergence of ASEAN as one of the fastest developing economic blocks and second, India’s transition towards a free market economy. Though this time frame offered enormous potential it also posed diverse challenges. Companies across varied sectors began to explore multiple strategic options to grow in diverse regions. While prevalent insights into business dynamics of Indian firms revealed that it was imperative for them to develop a strategic roadmap for a dynamic organizational structure, research and technology platforms; and global partnerships, it also fore casted that these service processes could be translated into actionable strategies only through validated research and knowledge service platforms. Thus, identifying it as the key focus, KnowGenix forayed into the management and strategy consulting space to help companies by combining three key activities viz. knowledge processing, generation of insights and leveraging expertise. These activities also formed the basis for naming the firm as KnowGenix.

The brainchild of Dr. R. Rajagopal, a Ph.D. in Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai; a growth strategy advisor and author with over thirty years of experience, KnowGenix is a niche research and growth strategy advisory firm engaged with petrochemicals and advanced materials; healthcare, life sciences, and pharmaceuticals; and fine &speciality chemicals sectors.

“Our ground survey amongst industry executives indicated that sustainable value creation strategies could be translated into definite business growth only through unique strategic expertise. Our primary focus was to deliver knowledge and niche strategy services for industries;research and government agencies; consulting and training firms. We later on formed different operational partnerships with global firms which gave us the perspective and capability to handle projects across countries,” says Rajagopal.
Managing transitions, creating value
The company successfully overcame the challenges due to diverse business and technology cultures in projects of global nature. By adopting a conservative approach in project management it was able deliver quality and competitive services. Centred on the core issues related to any business prospects, the company’s key focus was on technology, product, portfolio, market and customer strategies; partner identification, evaluation of strategic fit for M&As and JVs; sustainability and resource management advisory and skills and capability development strategies.

Growing steadily with its own collaborative models, Mumbai based KnowGenix has been able to create sustainable value for its clients locally and globally

On the quality of services, Rajagopal says, “driven by the client’s key determinants such as growth, competitive advantage, and sustainable business models we specialised in researching, validating and delivering processes that are reliable and consistent with the best in the business.” He adds, “Understanding the needs of each client we align our approach to render actionable strategic options.”

KnowGenix’s Customer Service Bench marking (CSB) model is unique and enables one to assess customer landscape; customer buying behaviour pattern; and develop strategies to understand, assess, retain and expand customer base. Growing steadily with its novel collaborative models, Mumbai based KnowGenix has been able to create sustainable value for its clients locally and globally.

Looking forward
The USP of the company has always been its high-end research capabilities backed by extensive insights into macro and micro aspects of each segment it is active in. The company recently forayed into a new knowledge service and skills development venture in healthcare, MedTech Asia,in collaboration with a Mumbai based healthcare technology media firm. In the future, the company plans to focus on three verticals; Business strategy, Sustainability management and Social sector development (through a think tank,WISE: Weaving Insights Strategies and Expertise).