Genitek: A Next Generation Internet Technology Global Consulting Firm

CIO Vendor According to the recent reports of International Monetary Fund(IMF), the country's GDP is expected to grow more than seven percent in the current fiscal year with making it one of the world’s fastest & largest developing economies. Due to the significant pace of urbanization, the spending power of consumers has increased. Powered by the growing phenomenon which intends to anticipate more than triple to 89 million households by 2025, it has also opened doors of opportunity for a long-term future with bringing in a favourable comparison to other emerging markets. This has led to the huge evolution taking place in the Indian marketing scenario-a switch from small-scale to a full-fledged industry.

Sensing the tremendous shift,several companies have plunged into the management & strategy consulting arena to serve the purpose of supporting the newer prospective customers and be a guide to choose the right path through extensive leverage of analytical skills. One such company in the respective space is Bangalore based Genitek Solutions. Since 2005, the company has strived to assist the clients with distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in the performance along with creating a great firm that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.

From Good to Great
Genitek is the brainchild of Arup Ranjan Dey, an expert in generation Internet Technology who later on went to institute his own firm. Speaking on the inception journey,Arup Ranjan Dey, Founder, Genitek Solutions says,“The growing importance of rapid, dramatic based performance improvement seeks organizations to go from ‘Good to Great’. Thus, identifying this, we decided to set an enduring tone of independence captivated by a strong commitment driven by rigorous research & training and consulting.”

Led by a team of small and powerful brain heads Genitek with its two office locations in Bangalore has served to close 1200 + clients across 14 verticals in 17 countries with creating up-to 350 percent revenue
growth for the clients business. The client ranges from Real estate, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, eCommerce, IT & ITES, Retail, Aerospace, start-ups, SMBs and so on. Soon it plans to launch new office base each in Gurgaon and Hyderabad respectively.

The company understands the customers’ need and helps them turn into better insight that not only allows to develop expected services but also promote products. Comprising the four pillar framework methodology - Results Process Capabilities Creative Ideas, the firm assures solutions right from acute crises management to IT, digital services and performance improvisation.

Led by a team of small and powerful brain heads Genitek with its two office locations in Bangalore has served to close 1500 + clients across 14 verticals in 17 countries with creating up-to 350 percent revenue growth for the client’s business

Digital Marketing& Cloud Solutions – Under One Umbrella
Setting its footprints by aiding clients with the latest generation Internet Technology solutions, over the years Genitek has re-invented business across a wide range of industries and functions in India and Abroad. From 2010, the company has enhanced its offerings portfolio by creating an umbrella for web- based social media and search engine optimization tools to impact the bottom line. Some of the noteworthy services include Analytics, Cloud Solutions, Web Technology, Branding, Marketing, Sales, Cloud, SMM and so on. Additionally, it proffers Special Events & Promotions, News Papers Articles/ Ads, Direct Mail/SMS, Brochures and Corporate Literature, Viral marketing/ YouTube Ads, Hosting Services, Websites and more.

Arup adds, “We consider ourselves a SMAC service provider that guarantees the customer’s business growth, establishes and implements the pathway.”

Adhered to the highest professional standards, Genitek keeps itself updated with technology, customer’s expectations, market scenario and delivers promised results. “With setting up multiple offices in almost all the major cities in India to cater the SMEs, we are also targeting to generate revenue of 10+ crore by next financial year,” concludes Dey on a positive note.