Silver Circle: In-house Specialist & Partner- in Change for All Business Sectors

CIO Vendor All forward-looking organizations desire to grow fast and increase profitability; however, not all are blessed with a strategic planning and execution department or specialist who can help them achieve their expectations in the current competitive and global business environment. A strategic advisory firm like Silver Circle is an efficient option for such organisations.

One such case was of an old stagnating biotech company; with problems of huge customer complaints, product quality, production losses, and low organization motivation. The company approached Silver Circle, a Noida based management& strategy consultancy firm for revival. An in-depth diagnosis showed an inherent strength in the business, but poor strategy and management. Silver Circle took up the assignment to transform the business. The challenge was to make the company believe that it could become the market leader.

Non-core businesses were closed, and an aggressive focus was put on the core business. Customer satisfaction was the top agenda, which implied high quality zero defect products, field support to provide solutions to customers. All this required total revamp of internal support systems in logistics, distribution, and order processing. Production was revamped to ensure zero-defect quality, pipeline of new products. World class management processes of Planning and Review were introduced, along with induction of high quality manpower. The company is now the market leader in India.

The greater challenge was to take the company global 3 years ago. The company is now recognised as the world leader in its industry with the best quality products and solutions; with leading international companies vying to tie up with it.

This is one of the many success stories of how Silver Circle has helped businesses to transform their businesses into a market leader,by deep involvement in the holistic execution.The company’s philosophy has two simple mantras:(1)Business transformation requires excellence in all functional areas,and(2) The change agent(the consultant) has to be hands-on involved in the execution.

Creating Value for Businesses
Institutionalized as a niche consulting firm that provides strategic advisory services for midsized firms, that do not have an inhouse Corporate Strategy department, but have the ambition and the potential for high growth and valuation.

The company is the brainchild of Deepak Singhal, an Engineering graduate and an MBA from IIM-A with over 30 years of experience across various industry verticals at different roles. While working at the professional levels he realized that he has a special strength in diagnosis, and a strong ability to analyse and forecast future business trends. Combined with his operational experience, and strong strategy skills he foresaw exciting opportunities in the line of strategic advisory services as a business proposition.
Deepak Singhal, Managing Director, Silver Circle speaks, “Creating functional proficiency in an organisation is not enough, unless one creates an all pervasive culture of excellence. Therefore, high quality functional performances and culture of excellence is the base for unleashing the strategic potential to achieve market leadership and high value for the business.”

The offering ranges from organizational transformation, restrategizing, value creation through inorganic growth strategies, new market entry, diagnostics and restructuring, performance enhancement, M& A, JVs and so on. Additionally, it renders new projects, feasibility studies, systems & processes, business excellence, organization structure, HR strategy, human capital enhancement, and HR processes.

Going forward, Iforesee disruptive changes not only in technology and products, but also the market and business processes. Not only will the way we live and play undergo rapid changes, but also the way we work and do business. Businesses have to see these changes as opportunities not threats. Those businesses that are already preparing to face, adapt to, and adopt these disruptive changes will thrive. We are here to support those that are ready, and enlighten and persuade those that are not yet

Some of the recent successful assignments include
• Restructuring a legacy stagnating capital equipment company, with poor quality products and serious HR/IR issues; which is now a highly profitable organisation with high a quality product portfolio, and an European joint venture.

• Aluminium Recycling Company which was transformed from a regional company into a national market leader, two JVs with Japanese leaders, funding from PE and Banks, and creation of an agile, customer focused, result-oriented & process driven organization.

• Transforming a successful domestic Auto Component major into a global leader, through overseas acquisitions and profitable integration.

• Acquiring and integrating a large plastic films business in Europe, which was suffering huge operating & cash losses; which was revived to achieve positive EBIDTA in the first year.

Led by a renowned management expert, and supported by a team of domain experts, Silver Circle has a demonstrable track record of successes with being one of the most respected in-house specialist and partner-in change for all business types”