Padrea Global Services: Dynamic Business Consulting Services

CIO Vendor Kolkata headquartered Padrea Global Service Ltd., best known to be Management consultants and service aggregators for organizations was incepted in 2007. The founders sensed a huge gap between the clients and good consultants especially in a city like Kolkata, where businesses need to be pushed and expanded to more vibrant cities of India. With its verticals spread across a lot of industries, Padrea has established itself as a company that leaves a deep-rooted positive impact on organizations it deals with, ensuring a long, growth-oriented and profitable collaboration. Padrea has offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. A popular consultancy name across countries like Singapore, London, Dubai and India, Padrea is a company that is spreading its wings across the entire world at a rapid pace.

Going beyond the stereotype that consultancy is an expensive practice and is only required when problem arises in a business, Padrea handholds their clients right from the inception of their business. Throwing light on, Baibhav Agarwal, Director, speaks, “Ideally the biggest problem we saw was the fact that people start doing business without proper R&D. And once having invested substantial amount of money into the business, they realize that this is not the way it was supposed to be while at the same time making their growth suffer. This is where we, as a consultancy come in and become the guiding light for the distressed entrepreneur. Our core focus lies in doing a proper R&D and hand holding the client needs since inception. If the business has potential sustainability then only we advise the client to get going”.

Better Planning. Better Business
As a service aggregator, Padrea assists almost all segments of a business namely - Financial services, Advisory services, Research and Development, Business Modeling, Legal Formalities, Design and Marketing and Information Technology.
All of these services are highly diversified. “We consider Research and Business Planning as our flagship offering because among other services, we believe that these are generally the most imperative for any business,” Baibhav mentions.

Padrea has established itself as a company that leaves a deep-rooted positive impact on organizations it deals with, ensuring a long, growth-oriented and profitable collaboration.

The company leaves no stone unturned to deliver clients the expert assistance in specific areas depending on the nature of business. For example, for a tech-based company, they cater finance and legal services; something which they do not hold expertise of. “Since we provide service in almost all areas of business we are able to cater to firms irrespective of their sector. This is one of the major reasons why clients are benefitted immensely from our services,” he says.

The Success Mantra!
Padrea takes immense pride in the team who are continuously working with us to drive results for clients. They deem them to be more of a tech intensive service provider and are thus lightweight on the number of employees they hire.

In terms of growth, Padrea has grown exponentially with respect to clientele base and also the number of sectors in which they have operated. The company has currently expanded services to almost all the sectors in the business world and aims to be the ultimate knowledge base for all and everyone willing to go ahead with a business venture.

“Our prime focus is to build a library of case studies based on our experience of working in different sectors and consulting to different types of companies. Such case studies can serve as a tremendous asset in the future when we expand to more countries, and also act as a pillar of support to our future clients,” he avers.

Padrea envisions transgressing geographical boundaries through the introduction of live webinars and podcasts. Such services can be availed by anyone irrespective of their geographical location and culture.