Intelligence Quality: Strategic Perspective that Develop Superior Business Results

CIO Vendor In the current business space, there are plenty of organisations growing with tremendous figures. At the same there are organisations which are going towards loss or are even being shut. The primary reason behind this is inconsistency. Quality is defined as meeting customer requirement consistently. Here consistency is the major challenge for the organisations. This is what exactly Chennai based Intelligence Quality lives by. The essence of assisting businesses derive benefits within short term keeping their vision for the long term is what has led to the ideation of Intelligence Quality.

A Management and business consulting firm that specializes in Lean and Six Sigma strategies, Intelligence Quality focuses on strategic planning to implant and encode Lean Six Sigma to work culture’s DNA whilst fulfilling long term vision of a company with minimal resource.

“Lean Six Sigma is proven methodology which uses statistics for decision making right from running a small process to increasing shareholder value of an organisation. These days we could see that in many organisations when they try to introduce Lean Six Sigma it becomes just a flavour of the month or may be just a mere training program. We bring in Lean Six Sigma in the organisation in such a way that a cultural transformation occurs and continuously improve to get productive results,” explicates Manoj Guru, Senior Consultant, Intelligence Quality.

Apart from Lean Six Sigma, the company involves in programs like DOE, SPC, MSA, FMEA, Lean workshops, Managerial Statistics, Team Building, Change Management. They make sure that there is change in the participants skills level before and after the training.

The Rising!
At the start, being an Indian organisation, the sales & marketing team at Intelligence Quality had a tough time getting into the market. However, it took time to gain visibility and to compete with the other big players. “Our main mantra in journey is
consistent client satisfaction, so that we become their long-term partner. This actually helped us becoming a key player today,” speaksDr.G Sivakumar CEO, Intelligence Quality.

Intelligence Quality brings in Lean Six Sigma in the organisation in such a way that a cultural transformation occurs and continuously improve to get productive results with consistent quality

Institutionalised as an all-in-one integrated platform inclined towards growth,the company does projects on Robotic Process Automation and Data Analytics.Industrial revolution 4.0 has already begun and these techniques are used to reduce human efforts in performing repetitive mundane task where a software bot will perform the tasks.This saves a lot of human effort like doing data entry etc. Right now, Artificial Intelligence is also incorporated in these bots for performing cognitive tasks. “We also do customized consulting or choose the appropriate tool or methods to tackle different problem in a very faster & efficient way,” he mentions.

Manoj Guru, Sr.Consultant-LSS

The company sees a huge potential for consulting in the market as there are many organisations trying to change and look forward to improve amidst tough competition between each other. Narrating further, Manoj avers, “Technology is growing tremendously as you can see there are apps which can monitor the process or even can give signals when the process needs attention and when it is best kept alone. Currently we strive to use these kinds of technologies to provide faster services to the client”.