Vervitude: Verve. Virtue. Attitude

CIO Vendor Knowledge is power but idle knowledge; knowledge without application is useless. Hence, “Applied knowledge is power” explicates Jay Datta, Managing Director, Vervitude. Prior to starting Vervitude, one of the leading consultancy firms in the business consulting arena, Jay had worked with various corporate that includes Fortune 500 companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Dell, TCS & Wipro to name a few. But his remarkable stints with landmark start-ups, OLA & pushed him forward to sail his ship in the entrepreneurial voyage. Speaking on the inception journey, Jay elucidates, “Working with some of the spectacular names, especially OLA & in the Indian start-up ecosystem, I dealt with working from scratch in setting up the business base, implementing & executing strategies to make the business grow. Within this process, somewhere I got ignited by the thought to polish certain amount of expertise garnered & execute them in a fair manner round. Thus, it led me to come out the corporate success ladder and institute a venture of own. Hence, Vervitude came into existence.”

Mumbai based Vervitude getting its name by constituting three core elements viz.- Verve stating enthusiasm, Virtue - high moral standards and Attitude that defines a settled way of thinking, the company endeavours to be a one-stop solution to all business needs.

Consulting Solutions–Driven by Innovation & Reliability
Emphasizing on the common say,“Change is the only constant, all we can do is learn & adapt’, Vervitude’s intent lies in identifying the REAL challenge to come up with a REAL solution. The company exhibits itself by assisting businesses to validate their assumption, break it or suggest an alternative or a pivot.
Understanding first by consulting & advising, Vervitude understands the client’s business prospects, creates strategies & works out a real-world plan in terms of cost, brand identification, presence & more. All of which works towards the next step which is; suggest the solution based on the need.

Vervitude Relies on facts and data before drawing a conclusion and believes it’s the data that justifies the solution not solutions that have justifiable data!

“We don’t believe in shooting bullets in the air and hope to hit the target.We rely on facts and data before drawing a conclusion, it’s the data that justifies the solution not solutions that have justifiable data!” avers Jay.

With business consultation as the core of its service hub, the offerings range from Brand Consulting to CRM consulting & solutions, Marketing Strategies to Business planning, from Streamlining processes to turn-key solutions. Citing an example on Startup consulting, Datta explains, “Currently, we are working with a couple of start-ups who are in the early nascent stage. We work parallel to achieve the goals by streamlining, structuring and bring our strategically defined approach to help them & create an organized structure from an unorganized form to funding & more.”

A Market Leader – The Vision Ahead
Vervitude offers consulting that propels businesses to greater heights. Driven by the extreme passion, perseverance & grit, it aims to be the market leader in Business Consulting & Strategy. Founded in 2016, the company has grown exponentially in a short span of time and has been able to carve a niche for itself in the trending domain. The team includes project experts that are hired either on contractual or project basis. The company also works closely channel partners, consultants in certain aspects to find the most reliable & valuable solutions. Understating the current market scenario and staying adherent to it, Jay concludes, “As India is destined to be the largest business economy in the near future, we would not confine ourselves to fewer limits but will be definitely working with key players. It’s a call for the big picture to us, assured by innovation & reliability.”