IDATUM Researchers: Data Driven Predictions that Can Fit a Digit to Your Profit

CIO Vendor “Quality Assurance experience for 12 years and passion for statistics brought the idea of analytics as a service”-says Janhawi, Founder Member & CEO, IDATUM Researchers. Growth and profit are the key factors for any business. In current digital and competitive world, these can be achieved with making right business decisions at right time with right insights. Though there was an availability of extensive data at the same time the usage of it for decision-making process showcased a huge existing gap. Moreover, the ever-increasing competition amongst industries and organizations across varied sectors led to the demand for a decision-making tool against huge market requirements. Thus, analytics came up as one of the useful & powerful tools for taking unbiased strategic decisions. And believing that 'Data is Information, Information is knowledge, Knowledge is wisdom & most importantly, wisdom is the Vision' team IDATUM Researchers helps its clients with identifying & analysing data insights of current business scenario through research and provides a fit business solution which will add a digit to the clients business.

One Stop Shop for all Business & Analysis Needs
IDATUM Researchers was incepted with a vision to provide cutting-edge market research & analytics solutions inspired by the power of simplicity. Explicating on the inception story, Janhawi Javalgekar, CEO, IDATUM Researchers, speaks, “The huge capacity and the market requirement for research & analytics were clearly identified but creating the awareness for practical usage was a big challenge. Relying on the data gathered, we worked by taking small decisions and were able to bring changes at a very low cost. Thus, our experiment with data and prediction based analysis manifested our path to success.”

One Stop Shop for all Business & Analysis Needs ‘Walk a mile with the customers, learn their thoughts & design a path for them to derive the best output’-
fortifying this philosophy the team of IDATUM collaborates to understand the client’s goal, design, and implements customized market research & analytical prospects. The company has developed a market research methodology that guarantees sound planning and proper management of the research with quality control at each stage. “Acting as a one-stop solution for business & analysis needs, we at IDATUM strive to assist clients at any level of their needs,” says Rajendra Manohar

Constituting the three core pillars, viz. – ‘Market Research, Analytics & Business Process Consultancy’, IDATUM offers Market entry demand studies, Concept testing, mystery audits, Feasibility study, Impact evaluation, Competitor Analysis, Consumer Research, Effectiveness & Efficiency studies, Data Visualization, Strategic consultancy, customer segmentation, market basket analysis, Quality Models Implementation, Continuous Process Improvement- all under the key heads. The market research methodologies, PDCA (plan–do–check–act or plan–do–check–adjust) approach and the usage of analytical tools has always remained as the company's fool-proof strategies.

Rajendra Manohar,CFO

Idatum with its services help clients to fit a digit to their profit. Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, predictive analysis with R is our way of analyzing. Rajendra Manohar avers, “Our specialty lies in tailor-made customized solutions. We have successfully implemented numerous projects and increased revenue, Brand Value, and quality with 100% customer satisfaction.”

Targeting micro-organizations to corporate, the company with its PAN India coverage plans to expand in the Middle East & UK. “In future, combining the best of BI & AI, we will aid to concentrate only on predictions and analysis of unexplained or unknown data insights and generate an exceptional outcome,” concludes Rajendra Manohar on a positive note.