Jas Global: Growth is On!

CIO Vendor Mumbai based Jas Global is best known to be one of the successful names in business management consulting, personal business coaching, business training & development programs.Since 2002, Jas Global is committed to bring unconventional yet pragmatic thinking for their clients to deliver results with actionable strategies for real impact in today’s complex business landscape. “Our 85+ industry specialization allows us to deliver 720+ strategies and business advisories. That creates customize approach to our 113+clientele. And their unique situation that brings extensive business experience with proven analytical techniques that leads to high-impact and actionable insights,” enthusiastically mentions Mr.JigarA.Shah, Founder & MD, Jas Global.

The brainchild of Mr.Shah, Jas Global acts as a catalyst for bringing exponential growth in businesses. The company is devoted towards building a better working world with increased trust and confidence in business, sustainable growth, development of talent in all its forms and through collaboration to create unlimited opportunities.“This is JAS’ purpose and why we exist as an organization,” avers Mr.Shah.

With core competency of Segment Marketing,Jas Global has catered to various sectors and has dealt with various B2B as well as B2C industries. The company provides strategic consultancy to start-ups, established organizations those who want to move to next level and those who want to expand or diversify their business.

Ideating Success through Jas Global
With expertise in various industries and the best consulting methodology, Jas Global began its journey as a small advertising house dealing with a lot of ATL & BTL activities in 2002. Being a computer science engineer, Shah was naturally more inclined towards newer technology like flash then business card cd and other. “In that age, flash websites and flash presentations were very much in trend. In 2002 when we started, we had 4-5 people working as the team in Mumbai. Gradually, we came across to a lot of corporates – especially those who were interested in doing different types of presentation, like product presentation or company presentation or complete corporate presentation. This was that eureka moment that fueled my interest towards consulting,” Mr. Shah explains.

“I began questioning myself as to why this target-oriented thing was not shown in product implementation or why they are not highlighting their company profile. People started addressing me a marketing consultant rather than calling me an ATL and BTL provider,” he adds.

During this time, Mr. Shah and his team came across businesses who were aggressive about their marketing operations but unfortunately were not able to find the right partner who could guide them on the content part or maybe the targeted audiences section. He says, “That was my key area to understand. Due to this, they began giving me a lot of work. We received a lot of inquiries we trained ourselves to help the sales team by assisting them with marketing strategies, presentations related to managing company’s whole management activity, review reporting, achieving weekly target, and others.”

Over the years, Jas Global has been strived to carve a niche for itself as a proven partner to businesses - the one brings new and innovative ideas every day. With deep industry knowledge, meaningful insights and the broadest range of capabilities, the company has partnered businesses to help them reach the next level of performance.

Defining the Pillars of Business Management to Achieve Results
A unique working method is what sets Jas Global stand out in the crowd. Based on three pillars of Business Management - Get, Set & Grow, team Jas Global leaves no stone unturned to assist businesses tackle complex issues. In the process, Jas takes good grasp of their market, achievements, and aspirations. In short, they take time to discover the core values of a company through this.

“We redefine strategies. With brief in hand, we make sure everyone knows what we need to achieve before we get to work out ideas that soon evolve into something special. We prepare a comprehensive Roadmap & Strategic Planning report, a complete road map with specific solutions to meet goals
and aspirations. We follow this with a complete Client Review, going over the plan with the clients, revising and adjusting it as needed,” informs Mr. Shah.

In the final stages, the project managers at Jas Global deliver meticulously experiences that generate positive interest in business and enhance brand loyalty.“Once you are satisfied that it meets your expectations, we help you to move on to Plan Implementation, keeping you informed at every step,” he adds.

Guaranteeing business management success with its wellthought and implemented consulting and advisory services,jas global envisions creating an environment of businesses that grow exponentially

Guaranteeing business management success with its well thought and implemented consulting and advisory services, Jas Global envisions creating an environment of businesses that grow exponentially. These are responsible businesses, which use sustainable practices and unique methods for conducting the business. They Do More with Less. Concluding on a positive note, Mr. Shah says, “When you get right down to it, success is all about value and trust. Value is product of trust. The trust our clients have in us. The trust we have in our people, strategies and systems. The trust which is derive from our core ethics which we follow no matter how big you are, public or private, in whatever industries or sectors we do business. We only serve our services to one organization at a go, from that typical industry. With complete confidentiality among us, these help our clients to plan & implement our strategies free of mind.”

Key Management
Mr. Jigar A. Shah, Founder & MD
Jigar is a highly experienced professional with expertise in segment marketing. He has sound knowledge of Indian business environment and has helped to generate Rs.968cr+ for the clients in their sector of interest. He believes in implementation of consulting and advisory services and need to solve complex business issues, especially in today’s fast-paced, global environment.

Panel 2:
Case Study
One of the successful name in the modular wooden component manufacturers. With the biggest challenge in re-starting the Nirvana from scratch.As a consultant Implementing the strategy is the only challenge & the working up on it stage by stage & Month after Month driving the success in form of strategic growth in turn overs.

Among the all challenges topmost priority was to focus on the brand name & make the brand name as great success in the typical market with on-going competition & raising the bar by achieving the milestone of complete product catalog penetration with help of strategy called "geographic market segmentation". This in return boosts the confidence among the buyers.

Today with ongoing grand success of Nirvana it was not possible without weekly analysis & turning around strategy with clear reviews has helped to achieve the old Nirvana's turnover within first 8 months. Currently this formula is creating milestones every month by achieving all time high month after month.

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The Growth Chart over the Years

2002-2004 - JAS Global Inception years
“Vision to acquire a successful name in Management Consultancy & Communication”

2004-2007 - Established one of the best in Marketing Management Consultancy.
“Achieved success stories with implementing fundamental of segment marketing”

2007-2011 - Raising the bar
“Expertise to over all; all the vertical of Business Management Consulting &Advisory”

2011-2015-Expanded Majorly into Business Management Consulting
“Delivering success with unique 3600 Business Matrix formula to all types of Organizations”

2015-Till date - Business Management Consulting also focusing on Business Coaching & Business Training & Development Programs
“Achieved Exponential success in Macro Organizations; along with it also helping micro organizations”