Born To Win Learning Services: Building a Generation of Winners

CIO Vendor Most of the organizations today spend a lion’s share of their time and effort to train and develop their employees to become better professionals and mighty leaders of tomorrow. Having worked in the advertising and marketing industry for over 20 years helping some of the most successful brands in the country, Ramkumar Seshu realized the corporate world is still evolving.

Addressing the gap in the mindset of employees and the results the organization desire is a huge challenge. He also realized all training programs offered in the market are pedagogue based learning. This does not work for adults. He therefore designed programs following the principles of Adult Learning—to get them to learn from within, learn in active, engaging environment and see the results for themselves. With this goal in mind, Ram, in 2003, founded Born To Win Learning Services to focus on Implementation.

“While working for the largest healthcare communications company in the country, I realized that corporate India is changing and the scale is becoming bigger in every aspect of life be it finance, production or marketing. I understand that there is a need of addressing mindset issues of human beings working in companies and converting human resources into human capital,” explains Ram.

“With a strong belief system that creates positive attitude and behavioral pattern in individuals, the training programs enable people to unleash their full potential and produce optimum results,” adds Ram. While most of the other players in the learning and development space forget to focus on a client’s strength and focus on their weakness, Born To Win takes up the business issue and address those issues with human resources by focusing on clients strengths.

“Our processes are extremely time tested, strong and delivered with a track record of terrific results. Intentions don’t deliver results; its processes that deliver results. We have strong processes in place which are very unique to us; they are our very own trademark products,” says Ram. Through structured experiential learning interventions and with a track record of successful results, the organization identifies and improves the right resources and capabilities of an individual.

The company came into existence when the IT industry was booming and by understanding the needs and demands of the sector, the organization was shaped. By overcoming the market risk challenges, the company has delivered amazing results under Ram’s vision.Headquartered in Bangalore and with branches in Chennai and Delhi, the organization today helps participants to align individual and collective perspectives, which leads to enhanced and sustained organizational growth.

Successfully stepping into the 12th year, under the leadership of Ram, Born To Win has worked with more than 200 organizations across segments and has footprints in more than 30 cities in the country

Successfully stepping into the 12th year, under the leadership of Ram, the company has worked with more than 200 organizations across segments and has footprints in more than 30 cities in the country.The company opens a wide range of experience in learning through consultation, conceptualization and activation. By training individuals, the company helps them achieve their personal and professional goals and align them with organizational goals.

By offering four training programs; Winning to Lead, Winning Teams, Inspire & Win and Winning Edge, the company excites people to deliver measurable results. ‘Winning to Lead’ is an intervention on a daily basis through 6 weeks in which an individual learns to manage themselves, the work that they do and the people that they work with. ‘Winning Teams’ is a two-day program primarily for senior management team to get on to the same page. ‘Winning edge’ is a large format program to get the sales teams excited about their strengths and prepares them to communicate effectively in market space. ‘Inspire & Win’ is an effective program for supervisory level in manufacturing companies to inculcate fundamentals of leadership.

The company works across categories, not limiting its efforts to any specific sector: Manufacturing, Retail, Banking, IT to name a few. It delivers programs in 7 different languages English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati and Telugu. Delivering value oriented services today the company has a remarkable number of satisfied clients that include names such as Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Arvind Brands, Ashirvad Pipes, Prestige Constructions, Canara Bank, Bharath Electronics Limited (BEL), ITC Infotech, Parle Products, MTC Group, Raj Group, Schwing Stetter India Private Limited, Hyundai Motors, Real Image Media Technologies, The KCP Limited, Premier Fine Linen Pvt Ltd, Bajaj Capital, International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT), Microsoft, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Naz Foundation etc.
In a short period of time the organization is planning to offer their services in Mumbai and Pune as well. Keeping their eyes on value and not just monetary gains, the organization conducts pro-bono work free of cost, preparing over twenty thousand students every year for the future. Now Ram is working on a Born To Win Foundation to take pro-bono efforts pan India. To identify & improve the right resources, capabilities of an individual and help them to achieve excellence in all areas of life, Ram is planning a new venture to enhance employability of the young students.