Clearpath Technology: Delivering Impeccable Internet Marketing Solutions

CIO Vendor The penetration of internet across India is on a massive high owing to the increased Smartphone adoption. The year 2014 saw a 14 percent jump in the number of internet users across the nation. It is safe to say that a large part of Indian population today depends on the internet to make most of its purchasing decisions.

Be it something as complex as purchasing a laptop or something as simple as placing a dinner order, an increasing number of people rely on the internet to give them the desired information about any product or service. This makes it essential for businesses and brands to connect with their audience through this new age medium. Needless to say, any business that does not take internet marketing and SEO seriously is likely to lag behind in the race. Businesses must thus find an expert internet marketer to help them bridge the gap between consumers and the company. However, owing to the changing business dynamics, upgrading Google Algorithms and SEO rules coupled with the lack of best quality solutions and service providers in India businesses are often unable to tap the full potential of internet marketing.

Having understood these hardships faced by several companies a young entrepreneur embarked on a journey to build an organization that would not only alleviate these hardships but also do it in a cost effective manner. Thus, Clearpath Technology was born in 2004. What has started with just an idea and as few as four employees is today well on its way of making sturdy progress and has gained an enviable reputation of being one of the major Internet marketing companies in the industry. Not only has the company grown leaps and bounds in terms of employees, infrastructure and industry knowledge but has also gained the confidence of clients and the industry alike. The company opened 3 new branches in Noida, Gurgaon and Mumbai in 2011 and 4 new branches in Ahmedabad, Chennai, Jaipur and Pune. It has also been adjudged as the best Internet marketing Company in Delhi and has received several Business and Service Excellence awards. With over 550 employees and having completed over 22000 projects alongside a base of 3500 clients at present Clearpath Technology is really a company to reckon with. As the company completes its decade long run in the industry, the time is ripe to decode the secret to their massive success.

Superlative Services and Talent

A strong arsenal of services and superlative talent can be one of the most significant factors that contributed to the company’s success. “We at Clearpath Technology are armed with the a well coordinated team of expert and experienced SEO professionals, Internet marketing analysts, technical managers, link builders, programmers and designers helped business companies meet these challenges head on and get the desired results,” says a proud Deepak Bansal, Founder & CEO of Clearpath Technology. The company’s highly experienced and qualified internet marketers, SEO professionals and SMO experts ensure that clients get only the fool proof and future-proof internet marketing solutions in order to cut through all obstacles in the way of business progress.

The company has also developed an expansive roster of services which includes Internet marketing service, Web design plus development services, Search Engine Optimization services as well as PPC management, Social media marketing, Local listing, reputation management and Articles & PR submission services. “We have made sure that our services not only help business companies get a dominant online presence but also streamline their business promotion in a cost effective and seamless way,” explains Deepak. The company not only helps established businesses but start-up companies as well to use the power of the Internet and seamlessly reach the maximum number of clients or customers on a global scale.

The company’s best quality SEO services as well as Internet marketing solutions help business companies enhance the operational efficiency and provide value based products and services to their customers in the most convenient way. Clearpath Technology’s expert reputation managers ensure that clients build a sound and enviable business brand in the market and make the most of the popularity and utility of Social Media.

Unwavering Focus on Customer Success

In today’s era of staunch competition it takes a lot to win the trust of clients. With the number of internet marketing service providers increasing, it is very critical for companies to have the extra edge to emerge as a winner among competitors. Clearpath Technology strongly believes that clients demand value added services on a cost convenient price in a hassle-free way. The company’s team of experts takes care of this and listen to clients’ requirements patiently while giving personal attention to details.The company builds a specific strategy for the time bound completion of the tasks and thus ensures that all the specific needs and concerns of clients are addressed properly in a customized and comprehensive way.“Our specific stress is to help clients get a dominant online presence such that they can stay ahead of their competitors in the market and streamline their business promotion in order to get access to the maximum number of their target customers on a global scale,” adds Deepak.

With plans to develop a strong infrastructural base in South East Asian countries Clearpath is committed to bringing the value based services to its clients at their doorsteps

Whether it is SEO services, Content Writing services, Social Media marketing services or reputation management services Clearpath Technology’s experts think out-of-the box to deliver innovative solutions in a simplified way. This not only builds excellent and unbreakable faith among clients but also helps them get to be repeat customers who would feel great pleasure to gain impeccable quality services.

The company has reached the zenith of success also owing to its unflinching commitment to excellence that makes the company go all out of its ways to help clients meet their business goals in a prompt and seamless way. “We also ensure that our clients get end to end business services in a well-qualified way that would enable them gain the leading competitive edge and thus build a sound and enviable brand reputation in the market,” explains Deepak.

Constructing a Bright Future
Any team is only as strong as its weakest link. Clearpath Technology understands the role played by a happy and motivated team. “The team at Clearpath Technology comprises of over 550 employees that work day in and day out towards the growth of our company. We keep our teams motivated by offering them the best-in-class work environment as well as the highest monetary rewards in terms of payments and perks,” explains Deepak.Besides this with the best quality monitoring and frequent interactions the management also delivers a strong message among the employees that always keep their morale high. Periodic training and cross cultural interactions of the team with senior members also boost their motivation that keep their spirits high.

In the past years that the company has been in service, it has achieved laurel after laurel. Having captured the present, the company is geared up for greater success in the years to come. With a mission to be the world’s leading Internet marketing company, Clearpath Technology strives forward to spread its wings to other parts of the world including China, United States, Singapore and others. “With our plans to develop a strong infrastructural base in South East Asian countries we are committed to bring the value based services to our clients at their doorsteps,” says Deepak. The company has planned not only to open its branches and sister concerns in different parts of the world but also attract the best talents in the industry who can passionately lead the company on to the path of excellent progress. “We are working on a meticulously developed business expansion plan that will take care of the demand deficit as well as offering quality services to Clients on the highest parameters,” adds Deepak. Given that the company has always stood for its core values and believes in delivering impeccable quality SEO and Internet marketing solutions to its clients, greater success is just a matter of time.
The Facilitators of Success
At the helm of this successful venture is Deepak Bansal, the founder as well as Yogesh Sethi, CTO. With superb command over the organization and a passion to soar high in the internet marketing world the duo have been relentlessly leading Clearpath Technology emerge as a well renowned name among leading IT services providers in India.
Deepak believes in offering the best services possible to his clients that would ensure that clients get the much needed optimum satisfaction and an assured peace of mind. He believes that Clearpath Technology will create its own opportunities for success.
Yogesh Sethi having over 10 years of experience in Internet Marketing utilizes his matured acumen and sharp vision in evaluating the work done by SEO team members, content division, linking section, PPC, social media and report building unit. His evaluation derived from search engine algorithms and expertise help Clearpath Technology to strategize and train the resources time to time.
Client Case Study
Rebekah Fensome is an accredited life coach, Counselor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and yoga instructor, offering her valuable services in United Kingdom. She has been one of Clearpath Technology’s clients and was troubled by low page ranking of her site. Clearpath Technology’s SEO experts analyzed her business needs in a comprehensive way and within a year her site got promoted to achieve first page ranking on all three major search engines—Google, Yahoo & MSN/Bing. “Our SEO experts worked on all those keywords and optimized her site that eventually leads to a tremendous improvement in the Internet traffic,” explains Deepak. From having a low profile on the World Wide Web Rebekah got the first page rank and thus maintained a dominant online presence. She was overly exhilarated with the results and is still one of Clearpath Technology’s most prominent clients.