ARSEN Management Consultants: An International HR Service provider to World-Class Companies Across the Globe

CIO Vendor As the business environment becomes more & more competitive, companies are in a dire need of every advantage to grow & thrive. One of the most important assets at a company’s disposal is its people. Realizing that Human Capital Management is the framework pillar that helps business use the latest data, improve business process and focus on recruiting & retaining the right people, ARSEN Management Consultants emerged in the Human Capital Management (HCM) arena to meet the changing market demands with satisfying business objectives in a cost-effective & efficient manner.

Founded in 2009, ARSEN Management Consultants came up as a human consulting firm that could rapidly adapt to the need of the hour. The idea of setting up a consulting company was visualized by Gladstone while he was working as business development executive & recruiter for a manpower agency. He eventually identified that the needs of the clients were abundant and the mechanisms used to bridge the gaps required to be changed constantly to match the market needs & industry standards. Explicating on the inception journey, Gladstone, Talent Acquisition Head, ARSEN says, “While working in the leading segments I noticed that servicing the clients in a fixed time frame had become the need of the hour. This set me to think about how to cater to the growing needs of manpower supply to organizations. Thus, hitting my head hard on it, I finally brainstormed into forming an HCM firm that delves deep to be more service-oriented in nature with understanding the working culture of the clients business.”

With a team assembled of having 40+ years of combined experiences driven by vast knowledge & diversity of skills, ARSEN strives to deliver the highest level of service & encircles to be an international provider to its 20+ clients in an automobile, banking, technology, Govt., healthcare sector along with serving Fortune 500 companies in best possible manner.
Creating Value for Future with Exemplary Offerings
Emphasizing the fact that Workforce management (WFM) has become a great matter of concern, ARSEN presently offers a varied range of solutions designed to address organization’s human capital requirements right from strategic search, competency-based talent assessments, strategic talent design, and engages in a high potential talent planning process through multitude methodologies. Specialized in developing a customized suite of HR consulting solutions, the areas of consulting comprises of Executive Search, Staffing, Consulting & Outsourcing, Selection Payroll Outsourcing, Statutory Compliance outsourcing & training and more. “We invest in people. With our diversified portfolios we sight to meet the evolving challenges of the workforce flexibility with tailored solutions mended for precise business requirements,” avers Gladstone.

With the extreme passion manifested by its employees, ARSEN has been able to achieve the right balance between the candidate’s ambitions, competencies, and requirements

Hyderabad based ARSEN accounts to the business community by partnering with organizations for their talent acquisition needs. Determined by Business Principle & Practices, the company through its understanding and profound knowledge of cultural sensitivities, market knowledge & powerful networking skills has enabled world class talent across numerous verticals. Acting as a strategic partner to assist employee growth & facilitate overall development, it has also brought in a differentiated model whereby the consultants can collaborate, unleash fast and impactful solutions. Gladstone mentions, “Our specialized recruitment drives conducted across PAN India has benefitted our clients, ensuring timely deliverables along with creating a name for ourselves in the HR industry.”

ARSEN believes that success depends upon unswerving adherence to industry standards. With the extreme passion manifested by its employees, it has been able to achieve the right balance between the candidate’s ambitions, competencies, and requirements. The company in the coming years wants to foster effective methods of goal setting, communication & empowerment through organization-employee relationship and ensures to add value to the organizations’ effective goals.