Shodh Consulting: Helping Identify the Right Talent & Right Career Choice

CIO Vendor The inception story of Shodh Consulting dates back to the time when Manoj Kulkarni, a graduate in pharmaceutical & management studies started his career way back in the year 1993. While working with home-grown companies & MNCs, he noticed the huge existing gap underlying in the recruitment domain whereby the consultants were not able to get the pulse of the organization, candidate’s aspirations, career progression thoughts and more. Similar was the case with the candidates seeking for the job. Everything was performed at the superficial level and was a time wasted rather than investment. In the meantime, moving his stints from marketing to advertising gave him a chance to learn the nitty-gritty of the recruitment business, and analyzed that helping someone in getting a good job not only creates a positive impact in their lives but also on their family & surroundings. Thus, led by the thought to spread happiness with connecting right people with the right employer, Shodh Consulting came into existence.

Creating a Positive Impact with Well- Defined Approach
Embarked on the journey as a young and vibrant Human Capital Management Firm, Shodh commits to aid the corporate search for the best Talent matching their needs and also assist candidates Search the right job they aspire. Initially started off as a two-people led company, Manoj Kulkarni,Director, Shodh Consulting, speaks, “We began with a simple approach. But soon we realized that a candidate was far beyond the CV and our responsibility lies in understanding their aspirations, career goals, and pain points. Similar was in the case of the job description. It should reflect the organizations’ culture, the evolution of job, and hierarchy of the candidate rather than experience, educational background, and industry. Thus, emphasizing on the core elements, we emerged in the HCM consulting space.”
Driven by the mission to create a positive impact on the business needs by attracting a relevant talent through a well defined process in the shortest possible time, Shodh accustoms to the core values of quality & professionalism. The company follows a methodical approach and well defined processes from selection to pre screening to handholding and ensures success to it’s and the client's search. Explaining the process, Kulkarni elucidates, “At the initial stage our associates performing the preliminary jobs of searching candidates, talk to them and try to get their interest. At the next step, our senior associates have a detailed talk with them, irrespective of the candidate’s seniority.” He adds, “Understanding the candidate & job description beyond what is mentioned, we do the matching and that’s how we have been able to develop the good relationship along with spreading happiness.”

Mumbai headquartered Shodh Consulting led by a team of 19 associates with its unique combination of industry exposure and talent management skill signifies the need and criticality of hiring the right talent

Focus on industry, assignment type, salary level and location based on their knowledge, Shodh has been able to garner close to 85 percent repeat business rate, with 38+ active clients and has its presence in international regions such as Mexico, Brazil & more.

Developing a New Mechanism
Mumbai headquartered Shodh Consulting led by a team of 19 associates with its unique combination of industry exposure and talent management skill signifies the need and criticalisty of hiring the right talent. Believing that often the best solution to any management problem is getting the right person to deal with it, the company at present is associated in searching talent across the wide range of industries such as Manufacturing Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Engineering, Service Industry, Retail& m ore. A ssuring a w in-win-win situation for candidates, clients and the platform, Manoj concludes, “Turning on our mandate fast, we are soon coming up with a mechanism to prevent the candidate from choosing a wrong career option and helping them out to better things.”