Mohana HR Futuristics: Global Reach, Local Presence. HR Customised Intervention.

CIO Vendor In this fast-changing VUCA world, disruption is the name of the game. This disruption has spawned unprecedented transformation in businesses, industries and working practices, with jobs and profiles that didn’t exist a few years ago, being created. This has naturally led to increasing demand for new skill sets, in virtually every profession and job market.

As a result, hiring and retaining skilled talent, that is agile and adaptable to the fast pace of change, will enable organizations to stay ahead of the competition.

Equipping human talent to meet current and future challenges are where the MHRF team steps in.
Established in 2009, Mohana HR Futuristics (MHRF),is a vibrant growth enabler for businesses operating in today’s complex environment. MHRF’s watchword is THE 3P’s - People, Processes, and Profitability. Beginning its journey across India, MHRF now operates globally.

The focus of every MHRF intervention is to deliver customized end-to-end learning solutions cutting across levels in the organization. MHRF’s interventions thereby start with understanding Stakeholder needs, designing and customizing solutions using a combination of methodologies to suit the need and providing post-intervention support, wherever needed.

MHRF’s ability to combine different methodologies like activity-based learning, theatre, story-telling, coaching ensures sustainability of learning. MHRF is one of the leaders in engaging learners using innovative techniques like photography, psychometric tools, and gamification.

MHRF has consistently delivered successful talent management strategies for big names in the industry like HDFC, MERCK, Aditya Birla Group, Godrej Group, Exim Bank, Tatas, L&T, Lanxess, Kaya, QiSpine, Travelguru, Flipkart, amongst many others.

“I feel we are one of the few companies who does not hesitate to question our clients about the effectiveness of a program. We personally feel that every training program must be linked to business performance and the vision. We have success stories, where people have had measurable results working with us,” an enthusiastic Mohana explicates.
Her colleague Veena is quick to supplement Mohana, says “No solution is worth it, till its ROI is not measurable”

Ability, Agility & Adaptability to Drive Sustainability through Future-ready Leaders Headquartered in Mumbai, Mohana Kotian a Professional Certified Coach from ICF, and her colleague Veena Raut are two dynamic women professionals who are accredited assessors of various Psychometric tools. With the duo at the helm, MHRF has grown 10-20 percent YoY in terms of revenue and offer services seamlessly and effortlessly to clients across India and abroad.

Looking ahead to enhancing business performance in 2018 by aligning people skills through unique learning technologies

Mohana is focused when it comes to the roadmap ahead of MHRF. “In today’s chaotic business environment, change is the new constant. For Organisations that want to flourish in such an environment, their leaders and employees need to be go-getters, be sustainable and have adaptability in their DNA, which means they must be able to handle any curveball thrown their way,” she says.

“Like they say, do not give them a candle to light the way, teach them how to make fire instead, an engaging learning culture is the need of the hour. MHRF partners with Business Organisations to create such Future-ready leaders,” Mohana elaborates.

Through a strategic learning approach, organizations can ensure a pool of employees with right mind¬sets to invigorate their growth.

MHRF End-to-End Solutions & Services:
Skill Development:
• Inbound &Outbound Training
• Team Bonding & Collaboration
• Diversity & Inclusion
• Life enrichment

Organisational Effectiveness:
• Sales Effectiveness
• Organisational Effectiveness
• Leadership Interventions
• HR Process outsourcing and re-engineering
• Building future ready organizations

Managing Talent:
• Competency based Development & Assessment Centers
• Individual Development plans
• Business & Executive Coaching

Professional certifications:
• Coaching Certification
HR Consulting