RC Hospitality Solutions: Excelling beyond Boundaries

CIO Vendor In 2007, Rajnish Chopra relinquished his corporate job to start his dream venture – RC Hospitality Solutions (RCHS). Prior stepping into this, he had been involved in various fields including Hotel Operation & Management, Hospitality Education & Training, and Project Designing & Execution among others. He also had worked with companies like Taj Hotels, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Le Meridien, Orchid Hotel and BJN Group where he was heading the retail chain of restaurants.

Rajnish specialized in the operations aspect of the industry leveraged his skills and expertise by helping start-ups set-up their restaurants and assisted them to execute the business operations smoothly. This gave him a solid exposure in terms of managing the entire operations and boosted his confidence to a whole new level. Determined by the entrepreneurial spirit, he additionally started a small training centre in Mumbai. Elaborating on this decision, Rajnish, speaks “Obviously, my first aim was to help people open hotels and restaurants. But, then I realized that in order to make beautiful hotels and restaurants, you need people to be well trained. This is the basic requirement.” Further giving us an analogy, he mentions, “It’s more or less like a doctor saying - operation success, patient died! It is meaningless, and a trained doctor will never say such a thing.”

In a span of nine years, RCHS presence has touched more than 35000people in terms of educating and training them the nuance of the hospitality industry. Currently, RCHS has trained across domains, which include hotels, airlines, restaurants, multiplex,
theme parks, hotel management schools, business schools & technical institutes.

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
Initially, RCHS did have a rough start. Being a new company in the market, the credibility was always at stake. Sailing against the wind, the company gained momentum once their work did all the talking. “I am always active on social media and I used to capture photos of my real-time work & upload. This paved a way to approach the clients, where they witnessed real-time work happening, and this becomes a validation,” states Rajnish.

RCHS provides customized solutions to clients as per their needs and requirements

Today, the company has more than 60+ clients which includes big names like Mahindra Holidays, Greenpark Hotels, GRT Hotels, Chanalai Group, Flora Group,Aloft Hotel, Tunga Hotels, Barbeque Nation, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Restaurants, Oriental Residency, Foodlink and others. RCHS takes immense pride to have changed the dimension of their clients’ business, across the globe. “The focus is to expand and grow as one. We are very excited about international assignments. I firmly believe as a proud Indian, if an Indian goes internationally and train people there. It is something that is very good for our country because you are competing with a lot of international trainers worldwide – it gives me immense pleasure to be able to give training to international standards,” says the certified NLP practitioner, Rajnish.

Building Everlasting Relationships
Based in Mumbai, RCHS offers a gamut of services, which includes right from providing training to consultation and post-project assessment among many others. Overall, they provide customized solutions to clients as per their needs and requirements in the industry. Rajnish concludes on a positive note. He says, “Organizations should be knowledge driven. When you have a knowledgeable workforce, the outcome will also be productive and gives space for minimal errors. Also, people will not leave you because they feel that you are adding so much value in their lives. So, knowledge is the currency of tomorrow.”