R4 Hospitality: One stop Shop for Hospitality & Advisory Consulting Services

CIO Vendor The idea behind R4 Hospitality was incepted in 2008 when Rohit, along with a friend from college got the opportunity to open a restaurant for a friend. At the time, he worked with Tiger Beer, a product of Asia Pacific Breweries (Aurangabad) Ltd which was later merged with United Breweries. His work experience at Tiger Beer, as well as his previous employment with Park Plaza Hotel Gurgaon enabled him to garner hands on experience in the hospitality industry and peaked his interest specifically in the business of making beer! To put dreams into action, Edesia Ventures was established in 2010 by Rohit and his friend Akhil as a one stop shop for all restaurant-related services ranging from operations to logistics. The company was later merged and came to be known as R4 Hospitality - a full service consulting & advisory firm that provides innovative and strategic counsel to the micro brewery, restaurant and pub industry at large.

“Being a professional in Hospitality management I was always driven by new and upcoming ideas in the industry. One trend that clearly stood out was the microbrewery concept. I decided to take a plunge into the entrepreneurial space in 2008, with Edesia which later became R4 Hospitality. Right from the start, we had targeted focus on the microbrewery consultation segment,” says Rohit Sharma, Founder & Principal Consultant, R4 Hospitality.

Adding Value by Providing Diverse Services
The brainchild of Rohit Sharma, Gurgaon based R4 Hospitality is recognized to be the country’s only microbrewery concept consultancy. Specializing in providing consultation services to pubs, restaurants and microbreweries, R4 Hospitality offers a wide ambit of services right from conceptualisation to launch. This includes concept development, food & beverages strategies,
Human Resource planning, restaurant technology, menu development, restaurant & microbrewery design, staff recruitment, operational procedures, marketing & staff training, branding and so on. “We strive to add value to our client’s business by providing unique, out of the box solutions that enable them to create a niche for themselves and aim to draw returns on investment in every possible manner” says Rohit. Further adding on, he mentions, “We seek to leverage our resources and experiences to support our clients’ business by providing customised solutions that best suit their business model.”

Cumulating the overall experience of 25+ years, R4 strives to bring fresh ideas to the clients’ table and help them drive stronger bottom-line performances

Establishing itself as a major differentiator, R4 Hospitality currently is working with a European organization for installation of plug & play brewery setups that provide customers with quick turnaround times for set-up at prices that are well below market rates.

Startup for Brewers in the Line
Cumulating the overall experience of 25+ years of its exceptional team members that comprise of seasoned restaurant & microbrewery consultants, executive chefs, managers & marketing professionals, R4 strives to bring fresh ideas to the clients’ table and help them drive stronger bottom-line performances. The company has grown exponentially over the years, with almost 70+ projects across various cities. Some of the noteworthy clients of R4 include The Blind Pig (Guwahati), Motoziel (Gurgaon), Bistro 360 (New Delhi), The Clock Tower (Gurgaon), 0124 Bar Exchange, (Gurgaon), Old School Brewhouse (Gurgaon), Nowhere (Gurgaon), Blue Frog (Pune). Visualising the passion to make R4 one of the biggest name in restaurant and microbrewery consulting, Sharma concludes, “The market has a plethora of possibilities for microbrewery segment and seeing this we want to make our presence felt by offering unique brewery set ups, supplemented with a great gastronomic experience. Soon, we are also coming up with the launch of small brewing set ups for home brewers.”