Horizon Consultants: Hiring Talent - Right Person at Right Job

CIO Vendor Hospitality Industry in India is going through a growth phase at the moment and is redefining the entire ecosystem, where the new generation hotels and restaurants are leading the market with flying colours, while some are shutting shops, and few are struggling to make their business profitable. This depicts the phrase - ‘grass isn't greener on the other side’. This is the reality. If we carefully analyze the root-cause, most hotels and restaurants still face the dearth when it comes to effectively manage hotel operation, retain manpower, and sustain the business on a longer run. This challenge has been prevailing in the industry since the dawn of its existence.

Horizon Consultants, a Nagpur based job placement consultancy company understanding the possibilities is changing the norm by bringing in a systematic approach to the industry. Harshal Ramteke, Director revolutionary measures and emphasizing on the journey, says “In 2012, when we started the firm, the hospitality segment was unorganized and we exactly knew what we should be doing! That is, to train people and provide employment. This was the start, where we trained and employed more than 1000 people to 300+ clients, in the hospitality segments alone. Later, we started helping start-ups successfully establish hotels & restaurants at a cost-effective price. Then, we moved onto the hotel management aspects, where we helped owners/investors to focus on their core business strength, while we took care of rest.”

Today, the company has forayed into multiple functions and is exploring the realm of hospitality. Right from providing end-to-end consultancy services to startups, providing skilled labour across industries, curating food shows, and managing
hotel operation among other services. Horizon Consultants taking it one step at a time and has ventured into education, promotion and marketing aspect of the business, where they have conceptualized and executed various innovative products and services in the market, which includes Hospitality Manpower & Hospitality, Being foodie Foods & Beverages, Wel being India, and Horizon Education Academy.

Horizon Consultants at present has forayed into multiple functions and is exploring the realm of hospitality

Beingfoodie.com – Beautifying Hospitality
Often hotels and restaurants attain profitability and popularity when they are connected with the customers, both offline and online. This eventually increases the value of the business. Hence, to bridge the gap and connect hotels & restaurants to its customers, in and around Nagpur at all times, Horizon Consultants have come up with a brand new app and a platform called Being foodie.com.

This application is build to create awareness in people about different food outlets & culture. Moreover, it lets people to try different recipes and food items, and avail a different tastes & services. In addition to this, the application offers multiple deals & discount. The customers can avail great discount starting from 10-25 percent on the bill, and in terms of flexibility, the app offers an array of services like quick home delivery, restaurants as per tastes. Overall the platform provides its users a hassle-free experience.

Under the mentorship of Master Chef Vishnu Monohar, a celebrity chef backing the success story of the company. Horizon Consultants is growing at a healthy rate and soon envision providing comprehensive services & solutions to the clients across India. “We are a young and dynamic organization, where we are filled with innovative ideas and implications to change the industry from its age-old problems. For us money is not everything, our service impacting the lives of people around us gives usimmense pleasure and satisfaction to do more,” concludes Harshal, on a positive note.