BHSPL: Professionally managed Food & Hospitality Solution Provider

CIO Vendor Brassica Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd. (BHSPL), a professionally managed food& hospitality solution provider came into being in December 2008 by Alok Kumar and a team of professionals. After completing a journey of two decades in the hospitality industry, the team had the privilege to interact with people and organization at multiple locations across the Nation. Since there were limited options for clients and customers like food and allied services, Kumar wanted to explore new things to keep the relationship live with the clients and customers. All said and done, it was a tough roll to match people expectations in terms of services at offered price, but they had to hire qualified, hardworking and dedicated work force especially in middle level. The gap of trained people to keep in front line was always an important task for the core management team. After working for a long period of time as head of the vertical by handling nationwide roll in food and hospitality, he finally decided to start a venture to bridge the gap of trained and skilled workforce to meet the requirement of the segment and it will never end.Thus was born BHSPL.

“The business in which we are categorized is not very technical but required to be dedicated towards the project whether small or big. Big organizations already have people like us on pay roll to do such R&D which smaller establishment cannot afford. And that is why we come in the picture by offering basket of services on very reasonable price,” mentions Kumar. He further says,“In our business, maintaining the exclusiveness and uniqueness of our services is a key challenge and so we select very potential client with whom we can maintain long journey and get commercials growing too”.

Over the last five years, BHSPL has worked on several projects to establish its own identity in the market by having own outlets
as QSR and Fine Dining restaurant at Delhi & NCR and a budget hotel brand BRASSICA CONTINENTAL operational at Ghaziabad. The company today has an extremely strong and active network of industry renowned professionals like Executive Chefs, General Managers, Executive House Keepers, Principals of IHMs, Finance Head, IT Head, amongst others. “Our network also consists of a multitude of consultants who work purely in the hospitality industry and incorporates a wide range of skills, experience and knowledge which meets individual solutions of our clients' specific needs,” Kumar mentions.

BHSPL’s network consists of a multitude of consultants who work purely in the hospitality industry and incorporates a wide range of skills, experience and knowledge

Known to follow high level of operating standards, methods and procedures in-order to achieve maximum efficiency during design development, BHSPL provides extensive services in various fields of restaurants, catering & food service sector, such as planning, co-ordination, procurement, recruitment, training and pre opening activities as well as setting-up the operations for commencement. The team works with very limited and progressive clients instead working in general category. The company has worked with ELEVEN COURSE, Delhi a luxury fine dine concept, Prem Mandir, Vrindavan for setting up large community kitchen serving over 10000 meals daily for its school and hospital, Aakar Institute of Hospitality &Vocational Studies, Delhi for setting up NSDC approved vocational job oriented courses. Black Rice Yellow Dal, Ghaziabad a high end pure vegetarian multicuisine restaurant and banquet.With dedicated teamwork and reasonable services, BHSPL has achieved 15 to 18 percent growth of their business, since inception. Summarizing the journey on a positive note, Kumar explicates about their newly added retail vertical wherein they have partnered with master franchisee of an Italian gelato brand known as 'stickhouse', which has presence in more than 25 countries in the world and now in India. “This is a handcrafted gelato made with fresh fruit water or milk called sherbet or gelato. Our first outlet has just started in September 17 at one of happening place in North called DLF Cyber HUB, Gurgaon,” Kumar concludes.