9pax Restaurant Consultants:The Best of Hospitality Delivered!

CIO Vendor Everything in existence today started off with just a dream, some where in someone’s mind. As Napoleon Hill, an American self-help author once said ‘Dreams are the seedlings of the reality’ and the reality of what we see is a dream refined over time, combined with strong determination, passion & lots of hard work stands true for many. One such story is of Shajahan M Abdul. While pursuing his studies in Hotel management, Shajahan was ignited by ideas that could match the change taking place in hospitality industry throughout the globe. “I was always driven towards to help people in setting up their own restaurant or hotels. Later on, when I moved to Europe and travelled across countries I realized that one can accomplish their ambitions only when they are out from restricted boundaries and limitations. Therefore, deciding to leave my lucrative career at Centre Parcs UK, I plunged into the entrepreneurial space with a vow to start a company in relation to consultation services. And this led to the existence of 9pax Restaurant Consultants,” speaks Shajahan M Abdul, Managing Director, 9pax Restaurant Consultants.

Believing in the phenomenon that hospitality industry is all about knowledge on caring and meeting the needs of the needy, 9pax Restaurant Consultants entitles itself to be a consultancy firm that cares about the human needs & comforts. Fortifying the ideology that there is always an advantage to have an expert advisor, 9pax strengthens itself to be a right consultant that can leverage clients to gain considerable experiences.

Giving Wings to Million Dreams through its Platform
Embarked on the consulting voyage since 2009, 9pax has been catering consulting services to brands in the food & beverage
industry along with assisting people on setting up business base in hospitality domain. Captivated by the slogan “Hospitality, Delivered”, 9pax offers services in three verticals that include consultation to anyone be it a startup or a big chain, provides end-to-end services right from conceptualization to execution and acts as a support system through its manufacturing unit. Accustomed by the vision to fulfil the dreams of millions in making them realize their successful restaurants business worldwide and reach out to help them no matter what, the company renders additional solutions such as Manpower Consultancy, Interior & Architectural Assistance, Certification & Auditing, Franchisee Solutions, Kitchen Equipment, Marketing Solutions, Feasibility studies & more.

Growing exponentially over the years, 9pax has associated itself to create the most eminent business models & brands across the globe

“With profound knowledge & hands-on experiences, we try to give 100 percent on whatever we do. More over, we try to create a system with the latest updated software to ensure customer satisfaction, profit footfall & others,” avers Abdul.

Imbibing Kiosk Models &Empowers Women
Mysore headquartered 9pax along with its in-house brand Mr. Idli, a household name presently has screened over more than 2000 restaurants with 180 clients worldwide. With a team of experts that co-ordinates & designs the plan according to clients requirements, R & D team - who takes care of the in-house brand &a group of retired scientists who leverage in creating natural recipes, 9pax already has 642 recipes in line to be . The company is soon going to have its own restaurant chain and will be launching 5 rounds of restaurants in various cuisines. Growing exponentially over the years, 9pax has associated itself to create the most eminent business models & brands across the globe. Explaining on the future roadmap, Abdul concludes, “Soon, we are bringing the kiosk models and are looking to start up an institution to assist people for job basis. Also, as women empowerment is one of the burning issues and the most essential one, we are encouraging women of rural areas to help us with product making and earn for themselves.”