Astron Hospital & Health Care Consultants: Amalgamating Technical Expertise and Experience

CIO Vendor The healthcare industry which has several aspects is made up of different dynamics and sectors, which demands for its own individual needs. Prescribing an apt solution for the whole sector is a real task, when it comes to healthcare consulting. Having been at the forefront of hospital and healthcare facility management for past two decades, Dr. Y P Bhatia realized the need for bringing all the sectors of healthcare industry under one roof. In the year 2006, he founded Aston Hospital & Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. along with Dr. Neeru Bhatia, who is a veteran in the field of public health. “Consultants who were available were either restricted individually to planning, quality or public health. While we felt that they cannot be separated, they all are various aspects of same healthcare system and we put them together,” explains Dr. Bhatia, Chairman & Managing Director, Astron hospital and healthcare consultants. The organization which specializes in hospital and healthcare activities, delivers full circle services in the fields of quality & accreditation, public health and facility planning & design.

Subduing the Challenges
This professionally managed organization came through the market place by understanding the needs of the healthcare sector. With his vast experience in the field of hospital planning, design and quality assurance Dr. Y P Bhatia, ventured into the healthcare market. “When it comes to consultancy, it doesn’t seek boarders. To create a bandwidth, you should have that kind of manpower/human resources which meet your own thoughts,” he adds.
By delivering services in quality & accreditation, public health, and facility planning & design, Astron evolved as a complete package for healthcare services. “As an organization, we’ve always worked on the philosophy. Right from the time we started we’ve been working on very credible institutional projects in all over the divisions.” adds Dr. Bhatia. The organization rewrote the written structure of the healthcare sector by creating the right balance between technology standards and requirements of the hospitals.

Providing Superlative Solutions
With the help of in-house experts, the academically focused firm provides comprehensive services in concept, design and equipment planning. “We focus on providing highly practical solutions, which are applicable on the ground,” Dr. Bhatia says.
With strong quality focus and suggestions, Astron provides services mainly in three sectors. Well endowed with technical expertise and experience the firm focus on Hospital planning & Design services, Quality & Accreditation and Public health. Astron provides services from concept to commissioning of various healthcare organizations. The organization also offers services on accreditation for Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI), National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH), National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (NABL) and Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI). By conducting healthcare research, program implementation and research studies, the firm offers services in the public health sector as well.

Having been in the industry for nine years, today Astron serves a series of clients which includes Tata, HCL, GBH American Hospital, Vasan Eye Care, HCG, fhi360, SevenHills hospitals, MIOT international, Sterling Hospitals to name a few. Other than hospital planning & design services, quality & accreditation and public health, the firm also extends its services to academics. “We offer certificate course in healthcare quality through Astron Institute of Social Science, along with Apollo Medical University. We also provide online courses and in the future plan to implement it further,” adds Dr. Bhatia.

What started with a small initiative with six people has today expanded into a strong team of sixty professionals. “In future, the company wants to focus more on standardizations and we are looking forward to put effort in reaching the global designs which are nationally relevant,” concludes Dr. Bhatia.