Alliz Healthcare: Pioneering Preventive Health Care

CIO Vendor The merger of technology with healthcare is one of the most assuring things to emerge in the field of medical advancement. Over the years, it has inspired professionals around the industry to implement changes that were considered as being improbable before. AllizHealth founder Chinmoy Mishra, made up that group of experts seeking to make the best out of technology and bring to the fore preventive health measures in place of curative care.AllizHealth, formed in August 2012 serves a perfect blend of analytical expertise in healthcare to come up with preventive care interventions at individual, family and community levels. The young company established its own health management platformthat includes identification, examination and mitigation of risks to provide users with various options, in the process completing the entire loop of their health profile. Chinmoy further explains, “It’s not about only storing documents but what do we make out from the data. We go back to the user with an interpretation that has to be unique and helpful.”
The confident company is working hard on the cloud based wellness platformthrough which they intend to deliver efficient collection, storage and analysis of health data. Under the health management platform there are three bigger categories that are further divided intoUser Health Risk Assessment (HRA),Personal Health Record (PHR),and Analytics Dashboard. The HRA provides users with a personalized plan helping them to better understand about health risks/wellness quotient.
The PHR tracks various health parameters, store medical documents, connect with care givers, set alerts and reminders and access health resources.
Analytics Dashboard offers a big boost for authorities (Schools/Corporates/Insurance Providers/Hospitals) looking toview overall health trends within their population group and design targeted wellness and diseasemanagement programs.Chinmoyexudes passion when he speaks of the potential lying underneath theseanalytical platforms. He explains, “If we could analyze data to figure out an individual health risk, then we can reach out more proactively and ensure that the person is leading a healthy life through various possible interventions.”

The business aspect of Allizhealth is continuously striving with a vision to grow and learn from experiences. It has put in placea user engagement model for insurance companies, corporates and healthcare providers where they can talk to users in a more easier and automated way.The company’s partners reach out to corporate clients and assist them with employee health risk assessments, group health profiling and designing wellness activities.
Chinmoy adds, “We want to extend the care beyond the options like doctor search and second opinion provided by institutions that are also doing good. We feel the difference we are trying to create is to provide a platform that makes risk identification a very fundamental concern.” Along its path, Allizhealth hasbeen working on two unique programs. A B2B model wherein they try to work with groups who are already involved in preventive care programs such as schools, corporates, insurance providers, care givers and diagnostic labs. To address the child health segment, AllizHealth is partnering with pre K and K-12schools, and will be very soon upgrading the B2B model into a B2C channel.
In the coming years, the company is planning to accumulate more and more features in their arsenal right from mobile applications (medication reminder, period calculator, document, upload, etc.) to building a health network of doctors/diagnostic centers/hospitals.
“We would want to expand to unexplored territories such asSri Lanka, Bangladesh and other South East Asian countries, and enable these countries with a nascent healthcare system to design effective health policies/programs,” concludes Chinmoy.