MarksMan Healthcare Solutions: Leveraging HEOR to Revolutionize Indian Healthcare

CIO Vendor Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) has been touted as the game changer for healthcare in India. Although developed countries such as the US and the European Union have recognized the role played by HEOR in strengthening a country’s healthcare system, India is still in infancy to adopt HEOR. Having identified the untapped potential of HEOR, Dr. Amit Dang founded MarksMan Healthcare Solutions, an International knowledge-based Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) consulting firm in 2014. The company stands out as one of the first HEOR consultancies with Indian genes. “The data that is originated from HEOR studies enables healthcare policy makers to take decisions that affect the public health policies, and to decide upon crucial aspects of healthcare delivery such as insurance reimbursements, formulary composition etc.,” explains Dr. Amit Dang, Founder and CEO of MarskMan. Another aspect to which the company is committed is Real World Evidence (RWE), which enables to bridges the gap between the clinical trial evidence and the actual world scenario. HEOR and RWE services provided by MarksMan, enables its clients to showcase the overall health benefits of their products to insurance providers and hospital-level decision makers.
MarksMan’s team consists of experienced HEOR consultants, health economists and medical writing professionals providing services such as comparative effectiveness research, health economic evaluation, Health Technology Assessment (HTA) submission and global value dossiers.

HEOR and RWE services provided by MarksMan,enables its clients to showcase the overall health benefits of their products to insurance providers and hospital-level decision makers

The company by virtue of being an active element of ISPOR Indian chapter has participated in numerous ISPOR international and regional meetings.

HEOR in India

A majority of the Indian population bears their own healthcare expenses. According to studies, the so-called Out-Of-Pocket (OOP) spending in India is amongst the largest in the world.
Dr Dang says, “Without any health insurance policy, a patient in India can face serious expenditures while managing treatment costs. This is where HEOR and RWE come into the picture by curtailing OOP spending and by popularizing health insurance in our country.”

One can hardly deny that it’s a field that will play a pivotal role in strengthening the healthcare system of a country like ours which is lagging behind in healthcare delivery reimbursements. By generating accurate data, HEOR can revolutionize the healthcare delivery in India that is still sulking in a naïve state. MarksMan is focused on helping healthcare providers realize the true potential of HEOR.

Striving For a Brighter Future

MarksMan is in an expansion mode today. They are positioning themselves to offer localized support and strategic working partnership to the established HEOR consultancies based in US/ UK/ Canada, and to grow to become the pioneers in the field of HEOR in India over the next 5-7 years.

In addition to their organized and established process to work for client satisfaction; the company aims to provide high-quality training and to help talent development in the fields of HEOR and pharmacoeconomics. “For us, the main driving force is to establish ourselves as the pioneers in the field of HEOR, RWE and HTA in India over the next 3-5 years,” Dr. Dang concludes.