Palash Healthcare Systems: Providing Unparalleled Healthcare IT Solutions

CIO Vendor Today, the virtual world has embraced almost all the sectors and industries in the market place and the healthcare sector is no exception. As the healthcare sector is expanding, the need for virtual link has become inexorable. By interpreting this need of the healthcare industry, in the year 2006, Dinesh Samudra founded Palash Healthcare Systems Pvt. Ltd, to offer various software services and solutions to healthcare providers. “I realized that several other industries such as banking, financial services and insurance sectors were making use of IT excellently to achieve efficiency but IT was not used to achieve the maximum outcome in the healthcare industry,” says Dinesh Samudra, Founder & CEO, Palash Healthcare Systems. Headquartered in Pune, the company provides unparalleled software solutions to the healthcare industry and has successfully helped over 150 clients in 300+ operating locations across the world.
Solving the Challenges with Prescience
Palash, came into existence when the medical sector was narrow minded about embracing IT and software solutions. Dinesh ventured into the healthcare space by leveraging his 23 years of experience in the global IT industry. But what did the trick for the company’s success is his persistence. “By providing quality solutions and educating the market about the benefits of using IT in functioning of healthcare sector, our company provided a quality platform to increase efficiency,” he says. According to him, persuading clients about the benefits of using IT in managing and improving their process and ultimately improving the patient care, was a major task. But the company succeeded in convincing the market space about the advantages of using the IT solutions in healthcare. Dinesh says, “The people, who were working in the healthcare provider industry, were not well versed with IT because it was not a part of their curriculum. Teaching healthcare providers to use system applications and managing change was the biggest hurdle”. By creating simple, understandable and easy to use systems and having a domain as a core of the systems, the company provides a one touch solution for the entire gamut of healthcare provider industry.“Clients usually have to depend on a large amount of data from the patients to have the treatment history, to analyses and understand what kind of treatment they received in the past,” he says.
By putting a good quality commercial system in place, Palash enables healthcare providers to improve the operational effectiveness, reduce costs, reduce medical errors and enhance delivery of quality care. With Accenture and Edifecs as their business partners; the company has today spread its wings across the Middle East, the African Continent, South East Asia, Europe and UK, and helps clients serve patients with care.

By putting a good quality commercial system in place, Palash enables healthcare providers to improve the operational effectiveness, reduce costs, reduce medical errors and enhance delivery of quality care

With applications and training to use the systems the firm helps multi-specialty healthcare providers manage electronic medical records, MIS and enterprise wide resource planning. “Palash is a platform built on IT where information is shared and stored and information is fared in to the system,” explains Dinesh. The firm also provides consultancy on IT as well as domain and provides solutions to different faculties of medicine such as; diabetes, IVF, dental, ophthalmology cardiology and psychiatry. “We provide a single point solution to clients and we do commercial applications, clinical systems and even the imaging systems for an entire provider. So a client can depend completely on Palash to get their IT needs satisfied,” adds Dinesh.
Venturing though the market space under Dinesh’s leadership, today the company serves a series of national and international clients. Sunshine hospitals, Bloom fertility center, Six Sigma, Mewar, Inamdar, Ahalia hospital, Aferiglobal medical care, Al Das medical clinic, Simed international, Southern medical clinic and Mayapada are few names that constitute Palash’s client list.
By releasing the health information management system (HIMS) in the year 2007 and implementing diabetes and psychiatric version in the year 2008, the company forayed into the international markets. “By the end of 2010 Palash reached the hundred clients mark and in the year 2013 we moved to cloud space and stated selling our solutions as a SAS model,” adds Dinesh. By starting a health information exchange initiative called SAWRM, in the year 2014, the company expanded to all parts of India along with Europe, UK, Africa and south East Asia. “We have around 2500 doctors, 300 hospitals and more than 50 diagnostic labs registered under Palash practice, which is a practice management solution,” he proudly adds.
With SAP business objects and Microsoft as technology partners, today Palash continues to transform healthcare through innovative technologies. In the upcoming future the company wants to take healthcare management to each individual by creating personally controlled health solutions (PCHR) - a cloud based healthcare locker to store personal healthcare records. “It can be accessed whenever it is required and refer it to the providers,” Dinesh adds. “By creating a huge ecosystem of healthcare providers and implementing community healthcare exergues we are planning to take our company from a million dollar plus to 100 million dollars in the next five years,” he concludes.